Jun. 22nd, 2010

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Avengers 2 preview is up at Newsarama, and as far as this cover goes, context is for the... well, stoned out of their gourds, quite frankly.

Not sure if an abstract cover counts as a spoiler, but just in case... )

title: the avengers, char: iron man/tony stark, genre: previews, medium: covers

The artist for this cover is listed as TBA in the previews so I can't supply it I'm afraid.
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Greetings True Believers! It's another Thor post!

One of my favorite parts of the current Thor run is the 100% awesome that is Balder the Brave.

He's the god of light and Thor's Asgardian BFF. He's one of Asgard's strongest warriors and often considered second only to Thor himself. He's loved and revered.

In this post he discovers his true heritage and his rightful place in Asgard.

Plus: The Warriors Three being snarky! Loki scheming! Balder being Awesome! Loki flirting with Balder!

Suggested Tags: char: balder the brave, char: loki. char: thor odinson/donald blake, char: fandral, char: hogun, char: volstagg, title: thor, publisher: marvel comics, creator: j michael straczynski, creator: olivier coipel

Read more... )
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My very favorite part about going to a comic convention is getting original artwork. The day I discovered that most artists are nice enough to do sketches, oh man, my whole little world was turned upside-down. Here was an original piece, however simple, made by the hand of a notable comic artist, for me! Art became (and still is) my main reason to do conventions.

After I met somebody who would commission comic artists to do Batgirl artwork--and had subsequently acquired a stunning Batgirl portfolio--I realized that I wanted to do the same thing with Two-Face (and Hal Jordan, who was my second favorite character, he admits, somewhat awkwardly today). Seeing as how commissions cost anywhere from $25-$150, my collection is not yet that huge.

Here's what I have so far, from the quickest free sketch to the more expensive pieces )

Here's the best I've found so far from pro artists, both from con sketches and their own galleries. Most of these guys are biggish names, the kinds of pieces I'd love to stock in my own portfolio.

Man, what I wouldn't give to own some of these... )

Finally, this may be my last Two-Face Tuesday for a while. There's a lot more that I could post, but right now, nothing really fires me up enough to devote several hours a week to scanning and composing entries. At least, not enough to derail me from the increasingly-pressing actual work that's coming up for me IRL.

But if you'd like to keep following my rantings and ravings on all things Harvey Dent, I will continue to occasionally post news, comics/merch updates, essays, fan art collections, and all other Two-Face related stuff at my Two-Face fanblog "About Faces" over at LJ.

Meantime, I may actually start posting other stuff here if I have the time. Perhaps a series on Hugo Strange, although I fear that there'd be even LESS of a general interest in him. Oh, poor crazy Hugo, why don't more people love you?

Suggested tags: char: two-face/harvey dent, creator: john cassaday, creator: tim sale, creator: john k. snyder iii, creator: walt simonson, creator: tommy lee edwards, creator: chris sprouce, creator: michael lark, creator: sean phillips, creator: john byrne, creator: dustin nguyen, creator: tony harris, creator: rafael albuquerque, creator: lee bermejo, creator: adam hughes, creator: chris samnee
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Image under the cut... )

char: batman/bruce wayne, char: daredevil/matt murdock, char: spider-man/peter parker, char: wolverine/logan/james howlett
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It’s been a long time since I did one of these, between computer problems, moving, school finishing for the year and job hunting but I’m back. Welcome to chapter eight of Bokurano.

Be happy I didn’t post this on Father’s Day like I originally planned. )
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4 and a half pages from the return of the 90s greatest anthropomorphic superhero. Written by Ian Brill with Art by James Silvani.

The Duck Knight Returns Part 1 )

Suggested Tags: publisher: Boom! Studios, Series: Darkwing Duck, Creator: Ian Brill, Creator: James Silvani
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It's a little late for Father's Day, and early for Christmas (when this story takes place), but I thought you all would like it.

The Spectre has a present for Guy. )

Suggested tags: char: guy gardner, char: phantom strange, char: spectre, creator: beau smith, creator: marc campos
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Part 1

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Last time, I promised bat-fornication, and bat-fornication you shall have!*

But first... EXPOSITION.

Murder, Intrigue, Revenge, SEX! ...and adoption )

14 pages from 78 of Batman: Son of the Demon 2006 reprint (originally published 1987).

suggested tags: char:batman/bruce wayne, char:ra's al ghul, char:talia al ghul, char:robin/damian wayne, creator:mike w. barr, creator:jerry bingham, publisher:dc comics

*Promised scene of bat-fornication does not include actual bats and is in fact mere wordplay by the author.
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