Jul. 27th, 2010

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A jerk, a would-be rapist, and an overall very unlikeable guy.

But this moment? Perfect. )

Three pages from "Compagnons de Crepuschule" vol. 3: "Le Dernier chant des Malaterre", swedish version. ("Skymningens Färdkamrater #3: Slottet Malaterres Hemlighet") It's a couple hundred pages. By François Bourgeon, translated my me. (Hence why it is so crappy)
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Welp, you knew this was coming.

Anyone wanna chat about Batman: Under the Red Hood? Comes out today on DVD, Blu-Ray, etc!

Spoilers and two videos under the cut...
One video is a fan reaction from SDCC and the other is a bit of Jason as Robin. 

Oh My ~*Stars and Garters*~ )
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We all know Lex Luthor, evil manipulative powermad monster, mostly because we see him through the eyes of Superman and the other heroes where he drops his mask, but to the rest of the DCU, and Metropolis in particular he's a brilliant man, Metropolis' single largest employer, and a well know public figure, a celebrity with an eye for the ladies and (with a bit of bad boy about him) and philanthropist. Sort of like a pro-active Bruce Wayne, with SMARTS!

And how does he retain the common touch? Because he knows people, he really, really does. Okay, he knows them the way a biologist knows the Paramecium he's looking at down a microscope, but he still knows them.

Case in point... )
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If you're not familiar with Menage A 3, it's a deliciously raunchy and nerdy little webcomic by french-canadian cartoonist Giselle Lagace. And today's strip is certainly a perfect moment for one of its stars, Zii.

She wants revenge on a kid who was trolling her. And this is how she gets it. )
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Technically two Moments from Wonder Woman #600, but i loved them both.

From Wonder Woman #600 )

4 pages from a 53 page book *hope im doing this one right, never posted from a vignette of stories before...
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This, believe it or not, is me posting an entry for One Perfect Moment from the pen of Devin Grayson!

Now, my dislike for her general work is well known here, but credit where it is due, I have always said that she is capable of doing very nice vignettes, little character beat moments that ring very true and are great fun.

In this moment from Nightwing 86, Dick has been out daredeviling on his new souped up motorbike, and in the course of taking out a motorcycle gang, has managed to reopen an injury AGAIN. Babs, who Dick is now living with a lot of the time, decides that she's had enough of dealing with his careless approach to his own health and, basically, tattles to his Dad about his behaviour.

For most characters that would be a perfect moment in and of itself, but since it's Alfred, it's standard operating procedure.... However that's not what I'm posting this for.

This is... )


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