Aug. 4th, 2010

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I hoped someone else would post the amazing femslash in Uncanny X-Men 526 so I could post Heinberg's Magneto scenes, but as no one else has stepped up to the plate, here I am.  I'm pretty oblivious when it comes to subtext.  Most of the time I just don't see the slash unless it's canon couples, but these pages just screamed "Femslash!"

We start with a young woman becoming a mutant in Vancouver.  All she knows is that she's incredibly sick, her hair is falling out, and her skin is hardening for no apparent reason (although they're all symptoms of terminal illness, so she has reason to worry.)  The X-Men are keeping an eye on her, but not making contact to ease her fears and tell her what's going on until she bolts for the rooftop.  Only then, after she's in full blown panic mode, do they introduce themselves and tell her she's probably becoming a mutant.

She freaks out even worse.

This is my first post so I'm not sure how everything works.  I think these are the tags:

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ComicBookResources has an interview with Tom Brevroot and Alex Alonso about upcoming Marvel Comics news that came out of San Diego ComicCon last month, and in the interview we get some images from Thanos Imperative #4 (inks only).

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The most recent Ghost Rider ongoing title got its start right before the "World War Hulk" crossover, and was written by Daniel Way. It was presumably meant to cash in on the Nicholas Cage movie from a while ago, but went largely ignored by a lot of the comics-reading audience.

Around issue #20, Jason Aaron took over the book, and it turned into this demented blend of 1970s biker flick and Hellblazer-style theological horror story. Around this point, the series also started slowly losing readers, until it was essentially canceled around issue #35. Aaron was able to wrap up his central storyline with the Heaven's On Fire miniseries, which ended early this year. I didn't even hear about it until somebody started talking about how awesome it was on SA's comics forum.

Aaron's plot for Ghost Rider involves two things. One is the archangel Zadkiel attempting to usurp control of heaven itself. The other is an exploration and reinterpretation of exactly what the Ghost Rider is.

four pages from Ghost Rider #33 )
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The reason why these 12 individuals were brought back to life while others did not, and for what purpose, has been fleshed out. One page behind the cut, spoilers ahoy.

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Well, there hasn't been that much by way of comicbook news that I found interesting lately, so here's a strip and some fanart of stuff I thought people might think is funny.
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You have been warned Talk )

okay this is.... three full pages, one splash and three partial pages...

i also believe the issue itself was 32 pages.... but if i am wrong please let me know and i will edit it accordingly

Edit: Removed the pretty splash page :( oh well some one already posted it earlier soooo
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Hellboy Saga continues, as the Queen of Blood, makes her move against Hellboy, sending an enhanced soldier to do battle. Think Lurtz of the Uruk-Hai.

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Aug. 4th, 2010 10:22 pm
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I didn't know Peter David's work was...raidoactive, for lack of better term. Oh well, I posted some old school X-Factor instead.

Now I don't know HOW to feel about buying the new x-factor, let me tell you, I have never downloaded a comic but I am SORELY tempted right now.
I am full of spite. I don't even enjoy digital comics, I just come here to figure out what to buy.
Also I enjoy the hive mind thing we got goin' on.

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This and seeing Wade/Outlaw in Deadpool #1000 made me So. So. Happy.

Spoilers )


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