Aug. 14th, 2010

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Excellent news for the fans of Blacksad comic!

Volume 4 of the Blacksad series will be out in September (in French however with no news yet on when they'll translate to English). However, You Tube has video trailers and I got a page of the interior art, but other than that, not much info here aside from whatever we can speculate.

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The preview I posted earlier showed the full might of the Kkore, an alien race from beyond the dark rim, under the command of Scorpious tearing through most of the worlds we have seen in Farscape. All things have led to this point.

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Since his first major work in the early 90s we've seen Joe Quesada's style change from a heavily Mignola-influenced blocky style, to incorporate the art-nouveou flourishes of Alphonse Mucha, and more recently an organic heavily photo-referenced approach, with a few diversions into Miller-esque expressionism.

Under the cut lie 13 large scans dating from 92 and 93, already showing some of these changes in his art, from titles Crucible, Sleepwalker and X-Factor.

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 Bruce actually showing some emotions over Steph's death, circa Batman #634.

Big scans, so those with slow internet be wary.

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Suggested tags:  char: batman/bruce wayne,  title: batmancreator: andersen gabrychcreator: paul lee, (char: spoiler/batgirl/robin/steph brown), (Steph's mom has no tag, but it would probably be char:crystal brown or something similar) 

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Really? Nobody's posted any more of Batgirl #13 than that one preview page we saw a while back? I know it was kinda fillerish, but it had a few cute bits. So let's have at them, shall we? Total of 4 pages, 3 whole, 2 halves.

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Oh, and also: Have an icon!


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