Aug. 26th, 2010

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Saw this posted on /co/. I don't know where it came from but it's pretty neat. The less said the better, so...

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Here's a cracktastic PLASTIC MAN moment. I only knew about it because Dr. Forklift has a "blink and you'll miss it" cameo in JLA/AVENGERS #3 on the same panel early in that issue where the Masters of Evil are imprisoned.

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Pretty sure we're still under the line for this one since it was 40 pages(so 13 can be posted and unless I'm mistaken only 8 have been so far), let me know if I'm wrong on that.

That aside, this story featured some familiar characters of Superman/Batman past...
Hint: They came in a dru- errr... kryptonite-induced haze )
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Post your favorite fanart!
Post fanart, recs and links to your favorite artists, or just whatever you really like! The only requirement is you have to be able to credit the artist, and provide a link if available. If you can't source it, please don't post it. Everything else is free game, fans!
And make sure to keep NSFW art behind a link with a warning.
And of course, your own fanart is welcome, too!

But Fan-thing Thursday isn't just about fanart, post links to your fanfic or fanvids, or rec your favorites! It's all about fan-thing fun.

Want a place to showcase fanart you drew yourself? Stay tuned next week to our sister comm!
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Beneath the cut, a page from The Gutters, a comic related webcomic by Ryan Sohmer working with various artists. This time it was the turn of Paul Southworth, creator of Ugly Hill.

I suspect this webcomic might strike a chord...

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 I don't know too much about many of the Elseworlds and Universes in both DC and Marvel, but from what I've read? My favorite?

The Tiny Titans universe!

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Can't believe I almost let the day go by without this classic moment in glorious Silver Age weirdness

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Sure, it's not perfect. It's so Batman and Superman centered that others got a bit shafted. For that matter, things didn't go so well for some Batman characters (Just ask Tim Drake). Still, it's positives far outweigh it's negatives, and aspects of it would find their way into the main DCU.

Ladies and gentlemen, the DCAU.

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Marvel: 1602 is one of the few comics that I found not through S_D, but through an internet search on the lost colony of Roanoke. Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the New World is a major character in this 8-part series, with the ability to shift into animals (based on this legend). The history nerd in me absolutely adores this. Another semi-historical tale, Superman: Red Son, is perhaps my second favorite Elseworld.

The premise of Marvel:1602 is that the heroes from the regular Marvel Universe are transplanted into the year 1602, just as Queen Elizabeth I lay dying and King James of Scotland set to take the throne. We meet familiar-yet-not characters such as Sir Nicholas Fury, the Queen's spymaster, Doctor Stephen Strange, the Queen's physician, Peter Parquagh, Carlos Javier and his school for sons of gentlefolk, the Four from the Fantastick, David Banner, Grand Inquisitor Enrique, aided by Sister Wanda and Petros, and Otto von Doom.

Here is a teaser showing us these characters from the first issue (4 pages):

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Also there are dinosaurs.

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Greetings True Believers!

I have another scan to share with you about how people in the Marvel Universe feel about Captain America. This one hits you where live.

People look at Cap as more then a hero.

Thanks to kingrockwell. I ganked this scan from one of his old posts. I salute you sir!

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I've already used the X-Men's "Asgardian War" storyarc as an example of best friendship between Warlock and Cypher. And here it is again, as a springboard for perhaps my favourite "What it...?" world.

The cover alone convinced me! :D

At the end of the Asgardian Wars Loki gave the X-Men and New Mutants a choice, stay in Asgard and keep all that they had achieved there, all the new lives and new loves they had found, and in the case of Storm, powers returned to her, or return to Earth as they had been before they arrived; Storm would be powerless, Magma would be human instead of the elf-form the elven folk had curssed her with, and so on (The only exception he made, out of narrative necessity courtesy, was that Karma would NOT be returned to the grotesquely obese form her time under the control of the Shadow King had given her). The choice HAD to be unanimous though

Of course, in the mainstream MU, the choice to return to was made, but this IS a "What if...?"

...all things are possible )


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