Sep. 19th, 2010

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Cover to the upcoming Sonic Universe #23... after the cut.

Bad to the Bunny )

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
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One thing about a lot of Bat-villains is how vain they are. That even goes for scaly-skinned characters like Killer Croc.

Some context after the cut, which makes this even funnier.

Croc's House of Style! )
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Following on from [personal profile] sweettart1823 's postings from Kevin Smith's Green Arrow series, I thought it prudent to present the earlier attempt to update the concept of "Stanley and his Monster" for the DCU

"Stanley and His Monster" started as a back up feature in "Fox and the Crow" in 1966, it was... and let's be polite here, never exactly rib-busting stuff (as noted in this revamp, this was a time when "Leave it to Beaver" and "I Love Lucy" were as racy as society got), but the notion of a lonely, overimaginative six-year-old boy who couldn't have a pet due to being allergic to ALL of them, and finding a friendly, and hypoallergenic, monster living in the nearby sewers was a nifty one. He DID ask his parents if he could bring a 9 foot tall red hairy monster to live in the house as a pet, and they agreed, assuming he wasn't being serious, a dangerous thing to do in the DCU.

Partly (and openly) inspired by Calvin and Hobbes, this revamp was written and drawn by Phil Foglio (who probably needs little introduction on this forum), and dates back to 1993. 1993 was not a good era for the notion of "cute" or "fun" comics, as this cover gently pokes fun at..

If you're averse to cute fun, you might want to avoid this )
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Listed on DC's The Source


Robin’s been found dead! And that’s not an easy thing to face – especially when you’re Tim Drake! In this pre-RED ROBIN tale, Tim and Batman must solve the murder of an impostor Robin and follow the trail of someone putting together a new team of teenaged sidekicks made up of kids who’ve been promised that they’ll become the new Robin…If they survive!

Reminds me of the Batman Confidential arc about the Wrath taking on an apprentice (Since Batman had Robin) and more than a few children dying during the training.


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