Oct. 1st, 2010

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So last time we saw how Mia was none to happy about him and Joanna. They made up though, and now things start to get really serious. Lets come take a look at what happens.

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Time to bring you... Another 30 day event!
DCwomenkickingass -- who is also a Scans Daily member and who created this really cool competition -- is spending the next 30 days collecting votes on which DC woman kicks the most ass!

A preliminary round narrowed the field to 32 competitors and on each day during October the women will battle it out brackets style. The day's match goes up on the blog at 8AM EST and voting is open until 8 that evening.

This contest isn't just about physical prowess, folks. It's also about ATTITUDE.

Check out DCWKA's initial blog and rules post here!

And the voting has already begun over here! The first round is Selina Kyle/Catwoman vs. Bea da Costa/Fire.

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Over on Twitter/Flickr, Bryan Lee O'Malley has unveiled the art for the fold-out poster to be included in an upcoming Scott Pilgrim box set.

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