Oct. 12th, 2010

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I tend to prefer my Robin's with an XY chromosome pair, rather than an XX pair, but even I have to admit that this is a simply STUNNING piece of work

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Lex Luthor arrives in Gotham City during No Man's Land. Batman has no time for Lex's malarkey, which involves a "property grab." This is one of Mercy Graves earliest appearances "in continuity" in the DCU. (She first appeared in the Superman animated series, voiced by Lisa Edelstein)

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CosmicBookNews has the first preview of Generation Hope.

And this just stinks of a fanfic made real. 2 behind the cut.

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CosmicBookNews has more news from NYCC.

Looks like we will get more Ruffles the Rage Cat... oh, right, I mean Dex-Starr.
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CosmicBookNews has more news from NYCC.

The upcoming Thanos Imperative conclusion is going to have long felt repercussions.

Like stars fading out of the sky.

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Oct. 12th, 2010 03:06 pm
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As I hadn't heard of it, I was pleasantly surprised to notice a Dethklok comic when I went to get my comics. Co-written by Brendon Small, even. (He didn't do the dialogue, but Jeremy Barlow, who did, really gets it.) It was hard to choose a legal amount to post, but it had to be shared, so I endured, and did it. 4 pages (well, 3 pages, and 2 partial pages that add up to a fourth) of 23 under the cut.

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Someone who attended the Young Justice panel at NY Comic-Con was kind enough to put the five minutes' worth of preview footage shown there on YouTube.

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Well, I'm excited.
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This week, I have devoured Jonathan Hickman's Pax Romana. It's been on my to read list for ages, then I found it at a sensible price, so snapped it up. It's in the same visual style as Nightly News, but without the clearly differentiated colour palette for different temporal and spatial settings.

The premise for the story is relatively straight forward, but opens up lots of possibilities. Apparently Hickman was going to do lots more stories spinning off from this and create a Pax Romana universe/brand, much like Mignola did with BPRD, where you can tell lots of different stories set in the universe in one-shot/mini versions.

If you haven't seen any of Hickman's indie stuff before, then this is very different to what you might know as a comic book. There's almost no grid layout and it's very texty. Some sections are done as transcriptions of conversations, though there aren't the same number of graphs and diagrams that Nightly News had. More comics should come annotated in that way.

But, going to Marvel and being really jolly busy put paid to that instead.

Although there's lots of stuff about the Catholic church, and a sprinkling of pantheism and paganism, it's a book about societal change, sociology and power instead of a book about religion. Of course, if you were particularly religious or Catholic, you might be offended by some of the ideas in this book. Above all else, Hickman is an ideas man.

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So, folks over at noscans_daily were discussing the old letter columns, and I mentioned an old letter containing a eulogy for Jason Todd. Putting it up to share with those interested.

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