Dec. 17th, 2010

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Last post we looked at how Kinsey was adjusting to her new life after her Dad's murder. Now we'll look at the eldest son Tyler, who is working through his own regrets. Also Bode continues to see his father in his dreams and meets with the lady in the well.
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The origin of Absence, the absence/emptiness-themed villain who is the newest addition to the ranks of Gotham's theme criminals.

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Greetings True Believers!

This is one of my favorite moments from the Straczynski run on Thor. The reaction from Thor when he confronts Tony about the clone that Stark, Reed and Skrull-Pym created during the Civil War.

Thor has just returned to Midgard and placed Asgard in it's new home of Broxton, Oklahoma. He's searching for the lost Asgardians when he encounters Iron Man in New Orleans and shows him a different definition of power.

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Hey guys, I have always been on the periphery of the Top Cow universe, i "know" who the top players are, and what i know of them is mostly from Witchblade (and most of that interest has come from the TNT movie) that said, i have read an issue or two of Witchblade (usually while waiting around in a book store and perusing the trades)

that said, even though my knowledge of it is slim to none, it has always interested me. most of the characters and stories seem so interesting, and the art for the most part is always pretty (yes there is a lot of cheesecake but i like that even the characters are like "Seriously witchblade?" even funnier when you find "Wait it's a guy? god it all makes sense now!")

anyway. recently (last two years or so) with the whole War of the Witchblades, First born, and Now Artifacts things have become alot more interesting (and more unified)

Now the point i am trying to make... i kinda wanna get into this universe. any suggestions on where would be a good place to start? should i start with the events that have happened? if so what "event" should i start with... are there any trades i can pick up?

there seems to be a mythology (story and MYTHOLOGY mythology) involved here and that interests me.

for Legality, Pretty art! A variant cover for Artifacts 1 (ithink)

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Do I really need to give you a reason to click behind the cut? The team behind the projects continues to deliver on all counts, is all I have to say. And they continue to make scenes that hold the company to their name.

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CosmicBookNews has the preview of Incredible Hulks #619 (in da house! Much love for my SD peeps!) as we get an explanation why a certain powerful someone isn't up to snuff these days.

Two behind the cut.

p.s. Spoilers and foreshadowing behind the cut.

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I wanted to post something for today and am embarrassed it took me so long to realise the perfect choice, one of the most genuinely groundbreaking, and visually arresting graphic format stories of all time

I mean, of course

Little Nemo in Slumberland.

Be warned LARGE images (gathered from hither and yon on the interwebs)  under the cut....

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Yes, it's another Avengers Vs. Pet Avengers post, because this issue is just that awesome.

The Recap Page helpfully informs us: Cap, Thor and Iron Man are mystically frogified! The rest of the Avengers duel dragons in China! Lockheed's turned tail and joined Fin Fang Foom!

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So. What happens now? I got no clue - the Next Issue page just has a standard Avenger/Pet Avenger Power Pose Cover, which tells us not very much. But I'll be there with bells on!

Oh, and I've hit my limit of 4 pages here, but if somebody could post at least the last panel of - ummm, page 20, I think, if I've counted right? - I'd love them forever. It's a Ms. Lion panel and, well, maybe somebody could use up our last page of the 1/3 rule with a post of Awesome Ms. Lion Panels? Because he gets some great ones that aren't germane to the plot. Early Christmas present maybe?
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So, where we last left off, things looked VERY bad for Commandant Aeryn Sun, the newly promoted leader of the Peacekeeper force of the Uncharted Territories. The forces she was just barely able to defeat turned out to be the Grennij shock troops, not part of the entire Grennij armada, who are backed by the formidable Kkore armada. And as there are threats from without, there are threats from within, as former Commandant Grayza attempts a mutiny now that the Peacekeepers have come together as a formidable force.

Which means of course it's time for some Crichton seat-of-the-pants rescue. Spend the money and buy the issue or wait for the trade.

But my contribution to the exploration of this tale is not the Farscape heroes pulling miracles out of their ass, but of course the villains. Yummy, delicious villains.

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Don't believe me?

The Golden Age is considered to have begun with Action 1 and the appearance of Superman, as well as the Phantom, in 1937.

Doctor Occult was introduced in 1935 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, despite the names listed on the strips below according to Wiki, and hails from the action adventurer/detective schools. Comic Book Resources has a nice article on him here. But the scans are a little small, so I rustled up what I could. Read more... )


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