Dec. 20th, 2010

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Last time, I put up a couple of stories from Star Wars Tales #15 which centered on Luke Skywalker as a child. Now it's Leia's turn.

First is The Princess Leia Diaries, from Star Wars Tales #11. Four pages out of twelve.

What kind of galaxy do we live in? And what can I do to change it? )

"First Impressions", an eight-pager from Star Wars Tales #15, isn't as good, IMO, but it does have a very memorable bit. Two pages.
You have your father's fire. )

...and okay, one not-really-related bonus which made me laugh. See, the "Tales" collections are always preceded by a page of the editors interacting with the characters somehow, and this is the one from #15.

Oh, really...? )

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So, I'm a mugen creator. While some disparage the hobby, and rightfully so, as rife with drama and ego trips... being able to get together and make something that my friends and I have always wanted to play is really special.

I bring you, Gotham Knights. )
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Greetings True Believers!

I thought I'd give you an early Christmas present. It' an hilarious Robot Chicken skit featuring Santa, Thor and Loki.

The trickery of Loki pits Santa and Thor against each other! Oh noes! Will Christmas be ruined?


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Welcome to Day 20 of our 30 day Winter event. Today's theme is Didactic and 'message' comics!

Check out the full list here! And stay tuned tomorrow for Not-Quite Comics!

Pedro & Me: Lessons )


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