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Hello again :-). I used to post to scans_daily fairly regularly when it was back on LJ, but I drifted off for a bit and then the big 'kerfuffle' happened and all of my posts disappeared into the wide blue yonder. D'oh.

Anyway, something I did a few times way back when was a series of lists with commentary and appropriate scans. The only one still up is the one I did on insane characters, because I stuck that up on my own lj as well. Since I've been drifting back to comic fandom, I figure now would be a good time to do another. Lists are cool! :-)

I like genius characters. There's something very satisfying about a conflict that's more mental than physical, and something very interesting about someone who can think rings around the other characters. Sensible, normal geniuses, however, have never been as fascinating to me as those that are just a little bit... weird :-).

So! A few points:
1) I did have evil geniuses in here at first, but really, there's so many of them I could probably give them a list of their own later. Therefore, while there are ex-criminals, characters who are sort of in the middle, and (several) characters whose methods are questionable at times, this is not a list of full-on evildoers.
2) All of the characters originated in comics, and all are just a wee bit out there. It might be that they are your traditional eccentric scientist, they might use their intelligence in very strange ways, they might be incredibly intelligent but completely oblivious when it comes to social niceties, or it might be that they're perfectly aware of social niceties, they just don't understand why people would bother.
3) Finally, while this list is generally in order of increasing oddballness, this is a list of my favourite oddball geniuses. There may well be many characters who are smarter or weirder out there. Feel free to post scans of them; the more the merrier :-).

By the way, my favourites tend to be fairly specific to the companies I read, so this list has five characters from DC, two from an independent comic (the same one, actually), one from a European series, one from Wildstorm and one from a Manga series. Feel free to speculate :-).

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I wasn't really planning to post any of this, which came out a few weeks ago. But I just found out Honey's portrayer Anne Francis died Monday, so this seemed a fitting way to recognize.

You may recall in issue 1, Killer on the Keys Part 1: Bikini Death, ocelot-owning P.I. Honey West was hired to go undercover as a go-go dancer at the Purple Pussy to find out who killed the accompanist and the waitress he was canoodling with. Another dancer landed in the hospital after dancing in a bikini treated with poisoned day-glo paint, a bikini meant for Honey!

When we left our heroine, she had stormed off to confront the hippie-chick dressmaker Velvet who made the bikini, only to be sucked into a Happening that left Velvet shot dead with a prop gun meant to contain only blanks. Issue 2 picks up with hunka-hunka burnin' JUSTICE Lt. Mark Storm arriving on the scene to find Honey standing over Velvet's body in "Killer on the Keys Part 2: Requiem for a Dressmaker."
She's dead, Mark. Five minutes ago she was laughing... )
4 pages out of a 22 page story. R.I.P., Anne. May your forever abode be filled with slinky catsuits and leopard-print sheaths, cool cocktails, and plenty of tall, dark and handsome strangers to trade entendres with.
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After Bullseye died and didn't come back, he got a two-shot.

Solicited as the story of "the year no one knew where he was", Perfect Game promised us Bullseye on the baseball mound with intent to kill.

And it delivered exactly that, even if it got criticized for slow pacing and a lack of action.

You see, this Bullseye, where he is right now.. he's not in for clearing bars with the stuff of dartboards. )
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Just under the wire!

I wasn't sure I'd ever own a copy of this issue. As it featured the first appearance of Arkham Asylum, copies were out of my price range (unless I'm buying rare back issues for my girlfriend--because I'm clearly the most awesome boyfriend ever, zomg--my limit is five bucks), but I managed to find a ratty-ass copy that was good enough to read and scan. Huzzah!

I'm glad I did, because while the story is dated and rough, it was surprisingly ahead of its time with how sympathetically it treated Two-Face. Sure, he was sympathetic in his original appearance, but that was only up to the point that he was redeemed and had his face fixed. After it got rescarred again, his very few appearances between 1954 and 1971 treated him more like a tragic character who's now just a villain to be stopped, and all sympathy for him died long ago. It's how many still write him.

It's also how Denny O'Neil himself treated the character in his first Two-Face story, Half a Life. I should post that here, both the original version and the recent recoloring, just to compare. But today's post is O'Neil's *second* Two-Face story: Threat of the Two-Headed Coin! from Batman #258 (1974). And this time, O'Neil takes a slightly different approach with the character, one which undoubtedly influenced the writers on Batman: The Animated Series in how they handled villains.

That said, it's still very early Bronze Age, right down to the cracky intro image, where Harvey resembles Wile E. Coyote to an oblivious Dynamic Duo:

Fun with atomic weapons behind the cut )
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Some spoilers for the Osborn series in which awesomeness prevails.

Starring, Father (nofirstnamementionedyet) Coulmier!!!

You know, this guy:

Fivescans from Osborn #2: in which we have a Normie fanboy
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Every now and then, I listen to the Word Balloon podcast. It's pretty low down on the list of comic podcasts to listen to (behind IGN when it comes out, iFanboy and House to Astonish) and even further back on the list of podcasts overall, but if there's a creator that I like being interviewed, then I'll download it and have a little listen. The interviewer, John Siuntres slightly gets on my nerves as he just sounds insincere, but there aren't that many other podcasts that have the same sort of turnover and range of interviewees.

And so, when Matt Fraction appears for an hour and a half fireside chat to talk about Iron Man #500 (Imagine that we didn't renumber this book... what would the book be like in 467 issues time?), Fear Itself, Thor and some other stuff, I'm interested. There's also a fair bit of Q&A from iFanboy readers.

This post is inspired by one such question, namely What Fraction sees in Tony Stark that makes him a character that is interesting for him to write (or words to that effect). Fraction responded that to him, Tony Stark was an alcoholic that didn't go to meetings and that that was a hook for him (though it's much better for you to listen to the podcast and hear Fraction explain it rather than my week old half-remembered manglings).

So, I had a little rummel through my bookcases and shortboxes to find how Fraction's handled Stark's relationship with booze so far in his Marvel work. I only got as far as the end of Most Wanted in my hunt, so don't expect to see him talking to Maria Hill about how "Hef's a visionary"

The Sponsor or The Next Right Thing )
Five Nightmares #1 )
Most Wanted )
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It's part two of my examination of the weirder intellects in comics! If you're confused as to what I am talking about, do check out the previous post for a tad more explanation.

Also in reference to the previous post, psychopathicus_rex commented on Professor Calculus: He'd be absolutely maddening to be around in real life, but that somehow just makes him more endearing in fiction., a point which I totally agree upon but do find slightly ironic because good old Cuthbert was actually based on an real person. This guy, to be precise:

Auguste Piccard was a scientist, balloonist, physicist and explorer. Unlike Calculus, his hearing seemed fine, but he did live a seriously wacky life. His hobbies included high altitude balloon flights and deep sea ocean dives, the latter apparently after promising his concerned wife that he wouldn't take any more ballooning trips into the stratosphere. One suspects that he didn't really work to the spirit of that request.

Oh, and if the name seems familiar? That's because yes, he was (quite appropriately!) part of the inspiration for a certain captain of the Starship Enterprise.

And now, onto the next two characters! )
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Job-hunting's the subject of this issue, as Natasha searches for a job, Skorpio applies for a job, and Steel hires extraterrestrial bounty hunter Glenn Gammeron (who was a Justice League member for five minutes) for a job.

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