Jan. 10th, 2011

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I was going to post these on the 30 Days of Winter series, but wasn't able to for various reasons. Anyway, here are a few scans from one of my favorite pre-Golden Age comics, Buster Brown!

Especially all TIGES.

Buster Brown and his dog Tige! )
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My first post here was a bit of a disaster. I picked a somewhat... sensitive topic, and I was unable to get the lj-cuts to work. I ended up deleting it after working on it for hours.

Well, I'd like to start off(again) with a bit of humour. So let us ponder the question.

Why did Lex Luthor decide to run for President? Superman: President Lex opens with a day in the life of pre-election Luthor.

From businessman to Presidental candidate in six pages )
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In 1996 DC had an event named Legends of the Dead Earth. The premise was that they were telling stories of earth's heroes centuries after its destruction. All DC annuals in 1996 tied into this event. The 39-page Green Lantern annual had the least relation to this event, given its stories had nothing to do with any of Earth's Green Lanterns.

But that's a good thing, because these two stories are way more memorable than anything else to do with that forgettable event.
The first tale deals with an unlikely hero. )
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I know it's like overkill for me to be making three posts on the same day, but I have a holiday with plenty of time on my hands and am mostly spending it reading comics, and have a lot of things I've been bursting to share here for weeks.

Lately I've been hunting down issues of the old Martian Manhunter comic. I regard it as one of DC's most underrated series. There are some unexpected gems there. One particularly enjoyable issue is #24 by Ostrander and Mahnke, where Booster Gold and Blue Beetle steal J'onn's cookies. Some scans of this story have already been posted on scans daily before(Just click the Title: martian manhunter tag below, it's the post below this one in the list).

It turns out there's still more hilarity to be found in that issue, after J'onn returns to normal.
Click for hilarity )


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