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Mar. 4th, 2011 08:28 am
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CosmicBookNews has the article talking about Tom Bevroot's recents posts, as we may have not seen the last of a certain purple puss.

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This is an essay written by myself and [personal profile] whitesycamore. It was posted on fuckyeahjasontodd in two parts: part one and two. We have updated and added a few more elements and scenes to the essay.

This essay is heavily meta-textual and is a deconstruction and analysis of how Jason was painted as a character post-death (and resurrection). Obviously, Jason Todd can't literally be "blamed" for his own death by anyone, since as a fictional character he has no autonomy, and therefore cannot be guilty or innocent, blameless or deserving. Neither are we suggesting that anyone in the Bat-family canonically believes that Jason deserved to die. However, we will argue that a victim blaming attitude is pervasive in the way Jason's death was written about after the fact. Moreover, this victim blaming would not only be unjust in a real life context, it also requires the reader to ignore many vital plot details of A Death In The Family.

The death of Jason Todd is one of the most iconic moments in Batman's history. The loss of his young partner is one of the greatest tragedies of Bruce Wayne's life, considered about as great as the deaths of his own parents when they were gunned down in front of him.
Following Jason's death, the Dark Knight is tormented by his own failure to prevent it, and during the years afterwards, Jason was most frequently alluded to in the context of Bruce struggling with this guilt.
However, Jason's death is also often described as the inevitable result of his own reckless and disobedient nature. Sometimes this goes even further, and Jason is implied to -- and readers are meant to assume -- that he was responsible for, or even deserving of his own fate.

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After my Notostravaganza (And I've found his New Machines and have fallen in love with it, so expect more soon), I've found what might just be the Perfect Storm for art here and it's courtesy of iFanboy

Phil Noto's John Hamm's Superman )
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 Two pages from Avengers Academy #10. One with a sweet moment with our resident hothead, Hazmat.

And one with an incredibly, epically idiotic choice by Veil. The resurrection of an old character (?) )
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Publishers Weekly's Panel Mania this week was Lucille by Ludovic Debeurme. Originally printed in France by Futuropolis, Lucille will be published in English on May 10 by Top Shelf Media (or in April, depending on whether you believe PW or Amazon). According to the book's Amazon page, it won the Rene Goscinny Prize. It's a beast, weighing in at 544 pages. Here are 15 pages. 15 depressing pages. First, a plot blurb courtesy of PW's Ada Price:

In Lucille, two teenagers, Lucille and Arthur, struggle with issues inherited from their parents that manifest in Lucille as anorexia and in Arthur as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder tendencies. Arthur’s father is an immigrant fisherman who drowns his depression and anger in alcohol, and Lucille’s parents have split apart. In an effort to escape the patterns and sorrows of their families, they run off together on a bold trip across Europe to forge their own destiny. Lucille is by the award winning French cartoonist Ludovic Debeurme and will be released by Top Shelf in April.

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