Mar. 13th, 2011

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Hate having to pick just four pages from the new issue, because Steph interacting with her supporting cast provides so many great moments, including Steph explaining the concepts of Chaos and Order using, of course, waffles.

But, given the earlier discussion of the latest Birds of Prey issue, I figured I'd go with a little of the fallout, and what Bruce has done with Steph's HQ, Firewall.

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Splinter of the Mind's Eye was written in 1978, after Star Wars/A New Hope and before The Empire Strikes Back. Rumor has it that when Allen Dean Foster wrote it, it was as a sequel to Star Wars, and would be filmed as such if the movie didn't do well. With a limited budget in mind, it was set entirely on one very foggy planet, and wouldn't include much in the way of space battles or anything at all involving Han Solo. Of course, in the days before Lucas decided that Luke and Leia were siblings, taking out that part of the love triangle leads to an amazing degree of UST which neither party acts much on - in fact, both of them are certain that they shouldn't act on it. Luke provides a reason - he's a farm boy, she's a princess - and Leia doesn't.

The comic came out in 1995. I scanned it from Star Wars Omnibus: Early Victories. This is 20 pages out of 96, chosen rather shamelessly more for shots of Luke in his absurd "miner's uniform" than anything else.

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I enjoyed both the book and the comic. There are brow-raising parts in both, and it's not worldshaking, but I don't regret reading either. If you liked this, try taking a look!
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After much delay due to illness and suck here's the next installment of Whisper. Because RL continues to suck, rather than post one issue at a time, I'll be posting complete storylines instead, so if I have to take another long break it won't be in the middle of things.

So, here is the conclusion to "Datapanik in the year zero":

Whisper 03_01fc

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Next time: is Alex dead, or did Lesa come in time to save her? Also, Eckart finally gets his comeuppance, and Kirk's atomic bomb gets put to good use. Same ninja-time, same ninja-channel.


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