Apr. 11th, 2011

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recently posted about an interesting story beat that showed up in JSA All-stars #17 so I decided to grab the issue to see more.

So here's some more story, rather interesting story at that....

At first he was just a man... )

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Covers for Red Robin, Powergirl, Batman and Robin, Batman Inc and the solicit for Gates of Gotham under the cut!

From CBR

Oh hello there Cass... )
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You know, reaching this issue makes me realize just how much of Bloodlines I've posted already, totally thought I had a few more issues before I reached the Demon Annual.

Can't say I've ever been a big Garth Ennis fan, this might even be the only comic I own that he worked on, still it was surprisingly amusing.

18 pages of a 56 page story

GONE GONE O FORM OF MAN. Oh wait, I think that's just Hitman.  )


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