Apr. 17th, 2011

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The many great post with Marvel's Valhalla, did inspire me to post somthing from Peter Madsen's Valhalla. In which some learns a valuable lessons and others don't

The excellent scanlations is not mine

Probably NSFW in some places of the world. 17 pages out of 54 )
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Issue number #23 came out this week. Not the most exciting, as chess pieces on the board kept moving, and lines in the sand were drawn as the Resistance made of surviving battle fleets began marshalling their strength to fight the invading Kkore.

Most of the stuff is pretty predictable, and I would not spend $$ on this issue, but rather on the upcoming issues, except that the Sebeacans have actually begun to take pages from John Crichton's play book.

When you run out of ammunition. )
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My LCS didn't have this in stock, so a couple of pages, courtesy of CBR from their preview as Phil Jimenez.

As it's a new comic this week, I'll stick to the two page rule, it seems only fair,

But since covers don't count... That remains an awesome outfit for Dragonwing...

Also note in the bottom left box is the Legion's resident medic Dr Gym'll (He makes Bones McCoy look like little Miss Mary Sunshine, but he's a great character) with Variable Lad.

Now THAT'S sci-fi looking! )

Mr Jimenez does seriously kick arse work on this title

And this is also from CBR, a cover variant for New Mutants #25 (New creative team, new direction, etc etc) just because I think it's pretty!

The gangs all here... and then some! )
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There had been some acrimony and discussion here about the Wonder Woman pilot so I thought posting Empowered's take on it might be amusing.
Read more... )


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