May. 13th, 2011

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I am posting this link to a pretty awesome Tumbler, I was gonna post an interview from CBR featuring the cast of Smallville mainly because i loved Erica Durance's interview. because of legality i was searching for badass Lois Lane moments, sadly it is easier said than done (seriously people! this is Lois G-Damed Lane... Any ways on the while looking for said images (posted below) i came across this tumbler site and found they also posted this interview! so i decided to grab some images from it for legality and just give you the link to the interview they had posted there and the blog itself.


Really Love the show or hate it, i think this Lois Lane has been one that best bridged the gap between Margot Kidder and the Comics. In my head when i think lois lane, i will see images of both Kidder and Durance in my mind.

The interview: (half way through it gets emotional)

The Blog:

The Legality
Lois Lane Images )

PS: Really there is a very large lack of awesome Lois Lane moments (i know she has them, but they are very hard to find. Maybe we should Do a Lois Lane Week or something, really its deplorable.
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No WAIT I didn`t mean for that title to sound so sexy! I`m actually straig....

Aw dammit, everyone`s already clicked it...

Well...This is one of the final scenes from Up Up and Away..

Two men caught in an embrace of dammit! )
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Deviantart is a vast vast world of art and many of the artists' tend to have money woes so I tend to get commissions when I can and when I have an idea or two I'd like to see drawn.

Here's some art from two folks, one whom I know in real life.

What's XS really been up to lately and more! )

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Out of all the 'Ultimizations' that Bendis has done over the years, I think Eddie Brock/Venom was one of the best. Bendis had always been hesitant to use Venom but the demand had been great and then EIC Bill Jemas pretty much had to push him to do it. To Bendis's credit, rather than holding his nose and putting out a mediocre depiction (like Sam Raimi did with the character) he did a full on rehaul of everything about the character and made him work.

Also this story is, while building off on the characters, a stand-alone story (which was probably intentional given that Marvel wanted new readers to pick this up) so you don't need to be up to date with everything that has come before.

Scans under the cut... )
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I actually like Tai’ Darshan a lot. I like Cass' time with him. It's cute to see how they deal with their own feelings.

Batgirl v2  #40


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