Jun. 8th, 2011

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 Hey, remember that there's DC Comics that are coming out before September? It's okay, I almost forgot myself. Anyway, here's the link and an image:

Snerk! ) 

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I've not yet properly thought about the best way to show off 50 Girls 50 #1, so here's just one page to showcase the art and the general theme of the book.

The theme being 'Hot girls in space whose clothes fall off' )
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To be honest I have NO idea what version we're on by now... Let's say "N", when N is an integer which is probably still in single digits.

It's flashBack to the Future time! )
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Somebody in one of the DC reboot threads asked for a running total on the number of racially and sexually diverse characters that are being promoted to hit the stands in September. Seeing as I was avoiding studying, a tally under the cut, based on covers.

I don't know, it actually looks pretty good )

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Dear mods: I'm still hopelessly confused as to the difference between fanart and fan comics, and which I am allowed to post without a legality scan. Please help!

I'm irregularly drawing a bunch of "response" comics lately, as practice art for a webcomic I am also working on which has not yet officially started. (And boy does my art need practice.) Since they're mostly responses to comics news I read here, I thought I'd share.
comics and art below )
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It's all down to Booster.

Also, I think this issue might contain a teaser for the new JLI.

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