Jul. 12th, 2011

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E!On-line has an amusing look at how, in X-MEN FIRST CLASS, Professor X and Magneto are totally gay for each other.


For a slightly more "in continuity" look at the matter...

I'm guessing this FLASHBACK story in X-MEN MINUS 1 is the first time Charles and Erik have met each other since the flashback in UNCANNY X-MEN #161. That issue was pretty much it regarding the Xavier/Magneto friendship everyone gushed over. They knew each other in Israel for a while, they saved Gabrielle Haller from HYDRA, then Magneto took a load of Nazi gold and flew off.

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Greetings True Believers!

Here are some scans from Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine #1.

Yes, yes I know. Wolverine is overexposed and there have been a glut of zombies/28 Days Laterish comics in the last few years. But what can I say? I've been a fan of zombies and apocalypse fiction since I was but a lad.


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AintItCool has the poster for the upcoming Chris Nolan Batman film.

(This has got to be the same design team that sold him on some of the jaw dropping large scale effects for Inception.)

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DarkHorse has announced the team up of the Goon and Hellboy characters for a one-shot story, and the deceptively simple look of the book just makes me want to read it all the more.

Can't wait to add it to my fall reading.

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I posted this on my tumblr, I was inspired by the NoH8 campaign and decided to draw Diana as Part of it :D i think its a cause she would go for.

it needs some work as I haven't picked up pencil in at LEAST a year.... but I think its coming along well. :D

My Drawing:

My Tumblr:

i'll probably post this on my Deviantart page too.

I also posted my opinion on Starfire's New Costume http://fanboywatchtower.tumblr.com/post/7541693323/the-princess-new-clothes-my-take-on-starfires-new

i am open to comments and rebloggs:D

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cover to Wonder woman 612 (i actually LOVE this one, much better than the Zombie one)

POSTER'S NOTE: If i posted this a while back please let me know... i opened up a new post and it said i had an unpublished entry.... could have sworn i posted this, but can't find it....
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We return to the mixed-up crazy crack of the Amalgam Universe with one of the most requested titles from our last go around.

Combining the preachiness and messiah complex of Max/Erik "Magnus" Eisenhardt/Lensherr and the eccentric scheming of Dr. Will "Balls Crazy" Magnus gets you...

Magnetic Men... how do they work? )

7 and 1/3 pages from 23 page Magneto and the Magnetic Men #1.
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We last saw Mags admitting the android Magnetic Men were the closest thing to his family since the Brotherhood (given they are the Brotherhood dealing with brain-in-a-jar syndrome).

So, what's the best gift a proud poppa can give his new family? Top billing!

How not to be a helicopter parent, Step 1: Don't let your kids live on a helicopter... )

7 and 1/3 pages from the 24 page The Magnetic Men Featuring Magneto #1.
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This is, I believe, the last arc of Superman I read before giving up the title for a few years at the turn of the century. It came right after the two John Rozum books I posted the other day. Superman had not too long before resolved the Superman Red/Superman Blue situation with his battle with the Millenium Giants and the Dominus story that had each of his four titles taking place in a different "age" of comics, kinda. At this point I'm pretty sorry to say he was pretty much treading water and you can see why after Infinite Crisis they pared his books down to just two a month, as treading water is bad enough on its own, but four times a month is going to kill interest quick.

Anyway, Ron Marz, then Tom Peyer came in for an arc that spanned a month's worth of Superman books, starting in Superman #147

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

TL;DR version: Amnesia and bad continuity have left Wonder Woman unsure of her abilities, so she asks the JLA to monitor her next 12 missions to make sure she's still fit for duty.

Red Tornado is next up on monitor duty, and the series finally gets a regular writer: Martin Pasko. From the halcyon days of 1975, it's Wonder Woman #218: "Revolt of the Wonder Weapons"
(Selected panels from a 10-page story)
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Staring in Hit Comics #4, Batty Bates finds danger everywhere she turns. Sometimes she jumps into trouble, sometimes it grabs her and runs. Either way "Betty Bates, Lady at Law" was one of the better back-up in Hit Comics, outlasting it's cover stars: Neon the Unknown, The Red Bee, Kid Eternity, and Hercules. Now from the golden pages of Hit Comics #12 "One Hamburger with Trouble!"
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Matt and Dwayne were best of friends.

First up, the written tribute.

What Comic-Con International Wouldn't Print

I miss Dwayne every day. It’s still inconceivable that he isn’t around to appreciate the world with me.

When my son gets another baby tooth, or I see a new episode of Doctor Who, I still have the urge to call him. Given the chance, I’ll talk about my late friend for hours at a time. I find myself making lists of McDuffie facts—not wanting to forget any more than I already have. And one of the things I’ve thought about most while mourning him was his long struggle for recognition from the comics industry.

Dwayne loved comics, both the superhero and non-superhero varieties, long before he made them for a living, and he continued to love them till the end. Our last conversation was about the Masterpiece Comics collection I’d given him for his birthday, which includes a pastiche of his beloved Little Lulu.

That said, I don’t know that the comics business loved him back.

Read the whole thing on Dwayne's web site.

Next, the 2-page story from the Static Shock tribute issue from DC Comics:
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