Jul. 14th, 2011

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Issue #3 of Spidey's stories during the Fear Itself event continue, and this time he fights one of his own.

Angrir (Ben Grimm), the guy who just knocked Red Hulk out and flattened Avengers tower. One more time, Peter faces the David vs. Goliath scenario.

(It's nice to see the true Spider-Man show his face every now and then.)

Why we root for Peter Parker. )
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A small look in to a bit of comics (DC in this case) history here. From The Comics Journal No. 38, Feb. 1978.

Warning: Really big image under the cut. If I shrink it, I find it hard to read. I will though, if comments call for such.

Women's Lib and DC )
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Surprised no one posted images from #1

saaw these at Newsarama http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?aid=43553

ALSO: Totally unrelated, but I posted an entry on my Tumblr talking about the Solicitation and Cover for Wonder Woman #2 Reblogs and likes are always welcome :D http://fanboywatchtower.tumblr.com/post/7624081209/dcnu-wave-2-update-wonder-woman-2

Anyways: here are the were two panels that stood out.

This one )

And THIS one )
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[personal profile] icon_uk already posted about the strange origin of this one. As I understand it, most FROM THE MARVEL VAULT comics are stories that for one reason or another were shelved and never printed, lost stories from Marvel's archives finally seeing the light of day. In the case of this DEFENDERS issue though, it was written so long ago that, while they still have the artwork, nobody had a copy of the original plot anymore, nor did anyone remember what it was supposed to be. Apparently, even flipping through the art didn't jog any of the original creative team's memories. So Kurt Busiek (who didn't write the original plot) basically has to come up with a new story tailored to the already completed artwork.

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The treatment of Superboy by Superman has been the cause of some disquiet amongst fans.

So leave it to the fans to come up with a creative alternative;

Since Superman won't interact with Suprboy perhaps another member of the JLA should, and who SHOULD have a Titan representative, but doesn't?

It almost makes you... Wonder )

Plus news on the YJ cartoon from as close to a horse's mouth as we have )
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Cover of THE NEW 52 #1, posted on the DCU blog The Source has an altered version of the WONDER WOMAN #1 cover. It looks like Diana's pants have been changed.


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Some fans think that Senator Robert Kelly's first appearance was in UNCANNY X-MEN #141, the first part of the "Days of Future Past" story that influences the X-books do this day.
But it isn't. He first appeared during the classic "Dark Phoenix Saga." He first appears on-panel two issues later in UNCANNY X-MEN #135 after being mentioned in issue #133.

How could a senator be important to the X-Men )
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You know what's the best thing about having villain protagonists in your comic? You don't have to jump through any hoops to get them to fight heroes in other comics. Especially when one of them has a prior connection to a certain well known hero.

Recently, Bane has been doing some soul searching due primarily to two recent events. First, the Six ventured to the very depths of Hell in order to bring back Scandal's dead love, Knockout. They succeeded, but in the process learned that they were all doomed to fester in the Pit for the rest of eternity when they died. Of course, for most of the Six this was about as surprising as finding out that gravity prevents objects from shooting up into the sky, but Bane, who had always believed himself to be a honorable, righteous man, was deeply shaken by the news.

The second event was a date to a carnival he went on with a stripper, for reasons that I will get into under the cut.

And Bane has come to a conclusion. )
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I have an offer you won't refuse, my dear comrades.

Journey into Mystery )
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Hey guys, I know that a lot of us are huge fans of Secret Six. How would you like to see it keep going?

Right now, there's TWO different campaigns in motion to help DC realize that Secret Six is a title worth saving!

How YOU Can Save Secret Six!!! )
Long Live Secret Six!


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