Jul. 26th, 2011

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In two months, we're going to enter the ugly era of the DCnU, but there's at least a last gasp of quality before that. This month and the next, DC's putting out their "Retro-Active" project, a bunch of one-shots that celebrate their comics of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, a.k.a. before Dan Dildo and his merry band of inbred morons came in, a.k.a. before they ruined everything, a.k.a. when DC Comics actually had integrity. The oneshots are done by actual creators from those eras and designed to read like untold stories from those periods.

Not sure it's a good idea for the Powers that Be to remind fans of DC's better days and remind everyone of what a mess they've made since coming to power, but hey, nobody ever accused them of competency.

Here's four pages from Retro-Active: The Flash - The 70s. It's written by Cary Bates, who to this day still has the longest run on the character (1972-1985).

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From thunderbolts 159.

Poor guy, no wonder he can wear a speedo all the time.
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Greetings, People from Planet Houston!

Today I am proud to give you more goodies from Japan as a way to ease the pain that DC Comics left us recently. The Manga that we will be seeing today is called "Saint Young Men" and it narrates the misadventures of Jesus Christ and Buddha living in an apartment on Modern Japan. I can assure it's some healthy comedy and it's pretty cool to see 2 Religious Figures living in complete harmony (Shouldn't we all?). Enjoy!

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I am back! This day had probably one of the worst moments at the con, but it did have some good news. Also, we had one panel where DC DIDN'T brag about diversity! Too bad it was the Green Lantern Panel. But first, legality!



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As the books close on this DCU, the sirens title reaches it's conclusion. ComicBookResources has the preview as scores will be settled in this final chapter.

Hell hath no fury...
The scales shall balance...
Eye for an eye...

that kind of stuff.

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Hey Guys, So yesterday Newsarama posted an interview with Scott Lobdell about his Teen Titans series. I have a few excepts, and my opinions on my Tumblr. Give it a read :D let me know what you think :D especially you
star_of_airdrie :D


comments, likes, rebloggs welcomed.

I also had a great twitter conversation earlier today with Gail Simone :D i will be posting on that soon :D

for legality

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Ok, smoke 'em if you got em. Because the House of Ideas seems to have run out of them and have definitely been hitting that with something that is sparkling and crackles when you light it up.

CosmicBookNews has teaser images of ....villians(?) .... that will affect someone in mainstream Marvel 616.

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Hey So i posted that twitter conversation I had with Gail Simone earlier this morning and thought you guys would like to see it.


as usual comments, likes, rebloggs welcomed.

for legality

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I've finally posted the first pages of my webcomic! It's been my project for the summer, so I'm totally excited!

My premise is this: real-life heroes. Think of capes as a part-time job or even better, as moonlighting.

Yeah, I know, it's ALREADY been done before. And way better than I can do. But if you'll bear with me, I'm going to argue that I'm bringing something different to the table.

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Well, Marvel are doing it again, offering to give a varient covers of one of their comics in exchange for retailers destroying issues of DC's comics.
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And in better news, I've been collecting Legend of Korra concept art and screenshots over on my blog, go and have a look if you're interested. :)
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It is july 27 here and that means GL corps#61 is no longer recent, I wanted to post this for awhile. This is a good one showing John Stewart dealing with the fallout of the "War of the green lanterns". With his reputation with the other GLs in tatters over being forced to kill Mogo,he still shows why he is one of the best green lanterns. Get ready for some inspirational character moments from my favorite GL.

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Hal was not the only Earth GL who got shafted during War of the GLs.


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