Aug. 2nd, 2011

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This seems pretty interesting.

the link takes you to the rest of the script and the intro, also the source has more information on the Angle... for Animal Man.

excerpt from the Script of Animal Man #1 )

for Legality....

Cover to Animal Man #1 )
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The DCU Blog (before it becomes DnU) has the preview for the 80's retroactive story as the Reaper character comes back.

And a plea for those of you who surf the net about other things Batman.

Worst fears realized. )
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I’d put off reviewing Joker's Asylum: Two-Face--by David Hine and Andy Clarke--for almost three years. The story was just that maddeningly frustrating to me, as was the fact that many people love the ending.

Just before its release in 2008, I was cautiously optimistic about JA:TF when I read an interview with Hine (the same one wherein he compared Harvey to the cult novel The Dice Man, a comparison which I've ranted about over at that link), in which he mentioned that the story would involve Harvey meeting Holman Hunt, a man with similar facial scarring, thus creating a sort of “man in the mirror” effect.

Quoth Hine: "Essentially, Two-Face sets out to prove, that given the right circumstances, Holman could be converted to Two-Face’s way of thinking. Namely that the universe is a chaotic place where any values we attempt to impose are transient and ultimately meaningless. Take that, Alan Moore!"

Heh. Okay, so he's pretty much saying that he'd pulling a Killing Joke scenario here. We agree on that, yes? Putting aside the fact that it's kinda been done to death, there already HAS been a story like that with Two-Face. But sadly, that amazing story is completely forgotten, so I can't blame Hine for wanting to tell his own tale. Besides, who’s to say there isn’t more potential for that premise?

After all, many people *did* respond to JA:TF, especially thanks to the ending. Hine had high aspirations there, "hoping that this will turn out to be a good old-fashioned twist-in-the-tail type of story that Uncle Creepy would have been proud of." A fine goal, one with horror-geek cred.

So how did he do? You’ll certainly hear my thoughts, but in the end, you must be the judge. I mean that more literally than you might suspect.

Harvey meets the man he could have been--or, looked at it another way, the man who could become him--behind the cut )

Postscript: When I first posted this to About_Faces, my Batman fanblog, David Hine opened an LJ account purely to respond to my review. I was surprised, to say the least, and also a bit nervous. Okay, a LOT nervous. But to his considerable credit, Hine was nothing but civil, and many other comics professionals would do well to follow his example when it comes to interacting with fans. Even passionate, opinionated geeks like me. :)

As such, I think it's only fair to give David Hine the last word here: "... perhaps you'd like to take this into account. This is 'Joker's Asylum'. This isn't me telling a comic book story about Harvey Dent. It's The Joker telling a story about Harvey Dent. Read it again from that perspective."
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After having a look at Marvel's Season One announcements, I had a little think to myself about what it was and why it was needed.

Not many books are new-reader friendly. When I started reading Ms. Marvel, I jumped in to part 2 of a 2 part story and got the gist of things pretty quickly. I don't think that I've jumped on to a book without a signposted jumping on point and without a good awareness of the characters. It's often difficult to get into characters, or arcs, or even understand the world. Sometimes the hints that writers drop for new readers just clunk at the feet of old readers (focussed totality of my psychic powers, anyone?).

Maybe a set of one-off stories that explore characters and set up their background organically while also telling a good story are the order of the day.

Marvel already did one of those and they set the bar pretty high. It's called Doctor Strange: The Oath. Of course, not everything can be written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Marcos Martin - that does help a book quite a bit.

It also helps if each issue of the book has a really accessible and interesting recap page. I can only think of three books off the top of my head that have used recap pages in an exciting way "in character" for the book - Patsy Walker: Hellcat, Incredible Herc and The Oath. I think that the Dark Reign: Young Avengers book did a few cool things as well, but I'm not entirely sure.

So, with no commentary, let's see how good the recap pages of The Oath #2, #3, #4 and #5 are at telling the story.

The art of the recap )
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I needed something to cheer me up after my depressing day of wading through knee-high gutter water filled with unmentionable things only to get to a school that decided to announce class cancellations after my socks and pants took a bath in questionable rain.

So! I read Kingdom Come.... honestly wondered how it won 5 Eisners, though I'd believe one or two.

I would have appreciated it more had it not been for this lovely page which even the librarians at my school laughed at:
In which a dramatic page was ruined by a bunch of people laughing... )
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Erik Larsen addresses in-story the question of why the book is keeping its old title and numbering despite the fact that it now stars a different character.

Four pages from Savage Dragon #171 )
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So...  A friend linked me to Bleeding Cool and an article about DC and female comic book writers.  It also includes Zatanna's new costume.

I just face palmed through my hand and onto the floor.

Uh....huh... )
Also, has anybody read any of "The Straw Men"?  I'd like opinions. :)
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Newsarama has posted the final cover to Jim Lee's JLA #1 which isn't quite the same as the originally released version.

Base images and variant cover )

I have to say, whilst it IS nice to see Wonder Woman at the front, the collar makes it look like she's wearing a bow tie, a look which can look absolutely delightful on some woman, but doesn't quite work for Diana.


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