Aug. 25th, 2011

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And a slight follow up to my last post regarding Indigo/Brainiac 8 in this final Teen Titans run before that pesky rebootlaunch.

half a page worth of material here bringing us I believe to 3.5 total posted pages from the issue.

Defeating a superpowered robot from the future just ain't the fight it used to be... )
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ComicBookResources has some entries for fans goodbye to the old DCU in their "Line Is Drawn" section.

Some of my personal favorites below.

Somehow, somewhen, til we meet again.  )
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Walked into my comic shop today, missed the chance to pick up the "last" issues of Teen Titans (though from what I seen what they did with Superboy Prime and Indigo that was a good thing) and Superboy. But I found the last issue for the Kid Flash miniseries and imagine my shock to this ONE page in the book.
A look back before Bart's Final Lap... )
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CosmicBookNews has the trailer for what looked like a GREAT TV series.

I am shocked that this was passed on (as Fringe will need a successor) and this looked good.
I swear I feel like I am living in an alternate universe where we went left instead of right, entertainment projects that are good get done and bad ones are dropped.

Anyways, I ramble.

What's on your mind?  )
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CosmicBookNews is just cranking them out this evening.

TWO Worthy (pun intended) previews of the heroes of Asgard doing their stuff.

In Journey Into Mystery we get an untold tale of kidLoki.

And continuing with The Mighty Thor #5 as factions unite against a common enemy.

In the shadows of Asgard.  )
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Re-Week, where we look forward to DC's big relaunch by examining relaunches, retellings, reimaginings, and other comics-related "re" words of the past.

As the Justice League of America is the first title of the relaunch, it's only fitting to look back at the first big reshuffling of the JLA, the Detroit League.

We'll be looking at 13 1/3 pages from the forty-page JLA Annual #2.

The old order changeth! )

Your thoughts and comments?


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