Sep. 14th, 2011

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Mephisto spills about how his day went, as his plans are being affected by Fear Itself event.

And the inner workings of current Marvel heirarchy's are explored.

I truly wish I could post the entire thing. This was really good, getting close to the level of Gaiman's Endless. The game Mephisto plays is a deep one.

Testing the waters. )
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Mods, if this is not allowed feel free to tell me to buzz off. But I wanted to boost the signal even more.

This story came out a week or so ago and it made me so furious upon reading it that I nearly broke my mouse from clenching my fist around it so hard. To sum up for the linkphobic: Mike Meyer, a 48 year old mentally disabled man who lives on SSDI and works parttime at Micky D's to supplement his meager income has few pride and joys in his life...among them his vast Superman memorabilia collection. Toys, action figures, art, comics, you name it. A former coworker got wind of his collection, won Meyer's trust and got the poor man thinking he was his friend...then robbed him one night while his girlfriend distracted Meyers by watching Superman DVDs with him.

A lot of stuff was stolen including some one-of-a-kind shit, some pretty valuable comics, and Meyer's peace of mind.

It seems I wasn't the only one made furious about this as thousands of comicbook fans have joined a FB group dedicated to building up Meyer's collection.

The group has addresses where you can send stuff and there is another article here about where to send stuff. Even if it's just a nice note, a drawing, or something I'm sure it would mean a lot. I myself will be sending some artwork I got off eBay. It's the least I can do. I was the victim of a robbery 4 times in my life and know how much of a massive violation it can be, and how it can rob your faith in humanity.

And for legality...YAY, DC kept her gay! )
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It's been a long while since we've had an Usagi Yojimbo post. Let's have one now.

For those just seeing him for the first time, Usagi is a ronin (masterless samurai) who wanders a funny animal version of feudal Japan, righting wrongs and perfecting his sword style.

This scene does not appear in the story.

Four pages from #140, the most recent issue.

Ishida means something like 'Stonefield' )

Your thoughts and comments?



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