Oct. 11th, 2011

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Before Archie Comics got its current name, it was known as MLJ Comics. Like most other comic book publishers, it published a large number of superhero titles. The company can claim credit for several superhero comics "firsts" - the first patriotic hero, the first time a superhero died in action and the first crossover storyline ever.

Part 1 - TNC 05 - Header

"But wait," you may be wondering. "Wasn't Human Torch/Namor fight from Marvel Mystery Comics #8-9 the first crossover?" And you would be close - but you would be wrong. The Human Torch/Namor crossover began in June 1940. This crossover began one month earlier. And while the Human Torch/Namor crossover took place over the course of two months, this storyline took four.

And, since the whole thing is in public domain, I can post the crossover in its entirety.

Since most people reading this have no idea who the characters involved are, here is a quick primer:

A relatively quick primer )

The following story originally appeared in Top-Notch Comics #5. Writing by Will Harr, art by Edd Ashe.

The first comics crossover ever starts out with a bang - literally (11 pages under the cut) )

Will the Wizard and the Shield be able to stop the Mosconians master plan? And what about the West Pointer and the Midshipman? Find out in the next installment of the MOSCONIAN INVASION.

And, as a bonus - the ad for the crossover )
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If I had to pick a single funniest person in comics, I'd go for the sadly unprolific Steve Purcell. So imagine my delight at coming across my long-filed stash of Sam and Max comics last night, as well as another treasure I'd forgotten about. Go on, imagine it. I'll wait.

All of Purcell's published creator-owned comics work is Sam and Max, with this one exception: Toybox. This setting has shown up only twice in print, both in 1993 (though he revisits it on his blog every now and then) and both uncollected since. This one is from Piranha Press' StoryTellers, an anthology series by DC's short-lived creator-owned alternative comics imprint.

Toybox chronicles the adventures of Ernie the Rat and Suda, who is a creepy doll. They live in the eponymous town with a variety of other toyland-like creatures vaguely reminiscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas (which it slightly predates) or Pleasure Island from the 1940 Pinocchio Disney movie. Sam and Max are noted for being funny with an admixture of creepiness, and Toybox, true to its fictional brethren, ups the mixture to about 50/50.

Five pages of thirteen.

Yes, those are coffins raining from the sky on the cover. )
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And you know me, when I find cute I like to share it!

First up, some Dustin Nguyen... )

A couple of desperately cute pics from DeviantArt-ist TwinEngima

Batmen and Robins', but not the ones you think )

The burning question - Arkham City Nightwing - Fingerstripes or not?

The answer is in )

And a couple more items from Al Bigley which I just got in... First an addition to my "Cypher and Warlock" collection.

"Right Warlock, I can see a mugging down the road, none of the other New Mutants are around, so I need you to make me look like a proper street fighting superhero, someone badass, someone who can hold their own in a fight... I need to be... a caped crusader!"

Self is happy to comply for selfsoulfriendcypherdoug! )

Well, I don't know about you, but I feel better after that!

Click on the images to go to the source pages, or other informative bits...
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So, as a regular Lisbon Metro user and imagining that around the scans daily community there would certainly be some more regular underground passangers, I thought it only fair to share something that I saw today and made my day a little funnier.

Two small points first:

-This is a series of posters from an endeavour of the Lisbon Metro(I'm linking to the Portuguese page of this, seeing as there is not an proper English version and the links to the .pdf's with those pics are on the bottom of the image) which are supposed to be part of the beginning of a series of outreach campaigns to avoid certain behaviours in the Metro. We'll see how it works in the future.

-I've not translated any of those pages, not only because of lack of time, but due to the small amount of text and the way the figures so perfectly translate the action I want to see if everyone can understand what is happening through the near universal endeavour of using public transportation.

Seven pics from a series of promotional posters. Do I need to cut them down to the 1/3rd rule? They're available online so I didn't think so... )
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Cosmic Book News has preview pages from "Avenging Spider-Man #2" featuring Joe Madureira pencils.

Looks good.

Check out a couple pages:

Read more... )


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