Oct. 24th, 2011

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Hoo-boy. Behind the scenes action at Marvel.

Most of the trends I am not happy with... BUT the last one shows a glimmer of promise.
I suspect this topic will rustle some feathers.

Marvel taketh away, Marvel giveth. )
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So, I understand that the comics internet has been very enthusiastic those days after the NYCC event. Which was nice you know... for a kiddies comic-event. I believe it's time to talk about you folks about a comic event for real readers. :P

Ok, I'm done with the semi-trolling and am now starting the real post. )
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I'm doing my Master's thesis on Crisis on Infinite Earths and how it leads to the "big crossover every year, kill a bunch of characters, bring them back for the next crossover" cycle.

This is sometimes the best thing ever, and sometimes I bitterly regret getting an advanced degree in humanities. )


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