Nov. 12th, 2011

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We've heard Cyclops and Logan's reasoning for their views in Schism, and also Hope's rather (IMHO) dismissive references to Xavier's approach.

But there is another group in the X-verse, with minds of their own.

Whither the New Mutants? )
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Now as you know, when it comes to shorts in the DCU, I usually have one pair in mind...

Click for the legality scan! :) Go on... you KNOW you want to click there.... okay I admit a number of you probably DON'T want to... but such is life! ;)

But now it will have a new meaning;

New DC Nation trailer )

Oh, and good news for George Perez fans (Which is, conservatively, about 99.99999% of the comic loving population) )
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Since we've had all those spirited discussions about Hope's criticism of Xavier's school; and then contrasted with Dani's criticism of both Logan and Scott's position after Schism; I thought it'd be interesting to post some other scans from Generation Hope; right at the start of Schism, which explores the History of mutants, as a counterpoint:

It starts with Idie being surprised by the idea that stopping Sentinels is the thing to do; since she views herself as a mutants as a monster. Laurie tries to explain that Sentinels aren't really for protecting humans from evil mutants.

3 scans & about a half of Generation Hope 10 )


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