Dec. 6th, 2011

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I'm fairly certain that it's never mentioned in canon whether Eli Bradley practices any particular faith, if at all. But considering his family, it's always been my head canon that he's muslim - though I'm not positive about which branch. I'm fairly split between the Nation of Islam and Sunni Islam, but there are of course other branches and off-shoots... (Is it ever elaborated on in canon what branches Faith Shabazz and Josiah X belong to? The name changes imply Nation, but I'm not sure if it's ever actually outright said. This is what I get for not having read The Crew yet.)

What's your opinion? Do you have head canon regarding other characters religious affiliations (or lack there of)? Share!

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Good evening ladies and gents! In just two weeks, we get our second Doctor Who Christmas Special with yet another classic reference in its title. I hereby present you with both the Children in Need special and the trailer for said Christmas episode!

Don't worry. It's nothing controversial this time...or at least it shouldn't be. Unless you count the Doctor being **spoilers** stripped naked by a remote-control controversial. But other than that it should be rated 'E' for 'Everyone.' :)

Anyway...roll tape! :) )


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