Jan. 31st, 2012

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Of course, one of the only other worse things that can happen to a superhero besides being captured by the bad guy, is when said bad guy happens to be your own nephew trying to get a hold of the family fortune!

Throw in some chains, some electrical shocks, some family drama and you've got... )
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In honour of DiD week, I present to you the comic strip in Issue 272 of Doctor Who Magazine which, in 1998, was published around the thirty-fifth anniversary of the show, and well before it looked like anyone was going to be bringing it back. And it involves eight incarnations of the Doctor tied to... well, you'll see.

Just over 2.5 scans from an eight-page story, which unless my maths fails me, I think is okay for the page limit requirements (mods, please don't hesitate to correct me otherwise). I've also tried to trim down what were some fairly large file sizes into something a bit more manageable, but apologies in advance to any dial-up users.

You're not wrong there, Eighth Doctor... )
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It's me again! Shooting you all with the arrows of organisation.

DUDE IN DISTRESS WEEK is going swimmingly, with a lot of contributions from various posters and even multiples from some! I am enjoying it thoroughly and I am sure you are too. But let's not rest on our laurels just yet.

My First.. was a suggested theme from [personal profile] stubbleupdate that got a lot of positivity in the original voting thread. We didn't go with it for this first week because it needed prep time, but let's set a date right now: first week of March. Who's in? Everybody? Great!

12-18 Feb is still Cute Romance Week! Start putting your bookmarks in!

Finally, we're talking about theme weeks on noscans. A week's worth of themed opinionating and deep thought? Yes please! A couple of tentative suggestions are in the comments, but we need to hear MORE and we need to hear them FROM YOU. Get over there!

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And while you're there, don't forget that it's OFF TOPIC TUESDAY RIGHT NOW. If you've got something you've been wanting to chat up.. scoot on over, a'aight?
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Oh, right, like I was going to let this one pass. Assuming that Sam meets the technical specifications of "dude" and not "freakish animal/human hybrid"[1], let's look at him in distress, shall we?

Yes, we shall? )
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Paul Levitz gave another interview for Worlds Finest on CBR today, and let me just say I think they may have given me something to actually be upset about. It's enough to say, icon says all. And yes, that is saying a bloody lot.

Details at Eleven, with four paragraphs of ranting ahead )
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For Dude in Distress week, I thought I'd post a few pages of when the Red Skull has Captain America at his mercy... and decides to bore him with his origin story.

Origin time )
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This wasn't intended to be a Dudes in Distress post, but I realized at the last moment that it probably counts, doesn't it?

The Hunt, Conclusion )


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