Feb. 22nd, 2012

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In light of the upcoming Dial H for Hero series, here's a few pages from Will Pfeiffer and Kano's 2003 series, H.E.R.O!

Wow, that'll be almost a decade ago next year. )
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Hi everyone!
Here's another Heroes! comic strip if you will.

I just noticed my latest post got deleted here on s-d (why?! whyyyy!? *cries and runs into the nearest forest*)
Should I bother putting it back up..or?...
alright! it's back on!
It's GO time!! )

a mess

Feb. 22nd, 2012 04:36 pm
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~Previously, on Legacy: Everyone is stupid. Exodus shows up at the JGSHL accusing the faculty and Wolverine of leaving Utopia and thus endangering the species. BlahblahblahFIGHT. Rogue suggests Exodus should read their minds to understand the Schism. Exodus agrees and reads her and Wolverine. What he takes from them is that Cyclops is to blame by endangering Hope.

Decides to go to Utopia to kill him.

VERY HEAVY SPOILERS for X-Men: Legacy #262 behind the cut )


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