Mar. 30th, 2012

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As a general rule it sucks to be female in Military Comics. You show up, and, in three to five pages, you will die or betray everything you every believed in all for a hot guy you will never see again. At best you get out of there alive to never been seen again.

If you have your own title though, things turn out alright for you. For example see X of the Underground, a female member of the European underground resistance.

All stories and most art by Vernon Henkel (The Space Legion, Marvel titles during the early 1950s, mostly stuck to artwork after the 1940s).

Military Comics #8 )

Military Comics#10 )

Military Comics #11 )
You can read her appearance in #12  here. Go  here for #13.

Can we have a crossdressing for justice tag? I miss the crossdressing for justice tag.
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Oh, it's your lucky day! Because it's time for more BUNTY!

Unfortunately these are pretty bad scans (so unusual from me) because they are from a 1966 annual; I cannot fit the thing into a scanner. Please try to love them anyway.

I have comprehendable stories for you, I have "unusual" art for you, I have story summaries that give a impression of the premises that were used to make engaging stories for girls in Britain in 1966! GRAB BAG.

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 Okay, I'm not really super-obsessive about pairings in these comics, and I usually have to have some subtext pointed out to me, but with this little wordless preview of FF #17, coming out next month, about Peter Parker and Johnny Storm being roommates...well, just look for yourself.

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