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Starting the weekend with some very cute Star Wars

Now you know that I have my little... quirks, but I do like me some cute of a weekend, and this hits the spot...

I found a copy of this new book in my local comic shop, HAD to buy it (despite the fact it was the only one that they had in and I think the owner wanted to read it himself, and I wanted to share it because it is AWESOME!

It's called

(If you thought "Batman and Sons" was the a humorous take on the most stressed father/son dynamic out there, think again...)

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Aborted fetuses, monkeys used in lab experiments, the children of Belsen...

Here's a third of issue 1 and four pages from issue 2 of SAUCER COUNTRY, Paul Cornell's new Vertigo ongoing series about UFO culture, politics, and what happens when they intersect.

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