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Uncanny X-men #12 preview

Blah blah blah, smash smash smash, heroes fight heroes. Yeah, you know it... still some cutesy moments do come up every now and then. ComicBookResources has the preview.

Two behind the cut.

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Mother : A True Friend

Greetings, Mortals! Chocochuy reporting for duty.

Today I would like to take some of your time to pay homage to the women that we all consider as the queens of our lives and to whom we will always be on debt for the gift of life. I think it does not take rocket science to deduce that I am talking about our mothers. It might get too personal but I hope you enjoy this, comrades.

Thanks for everything, Mom! )
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Night of the Owls: "...One Dream Away."

Batman #9 continues the long night as Bruce Wayne unleashes and loses some allies during the Court of Owl's attack on Gotham.

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Batman & Robin #9: More Night of the Owls

I can't say I cared too much for this issue to be honest, but it did have its moments.

More on the Court's history )