Jun. 15th, 2012

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The second issue of the new Legends of the Dark Knight explores similar territory to the first, examining how Batman stacks up to the other heroes of the Justice League in terms of power and weaknesses.

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Have they collected them yet or must I get the issues one by one?

Journey into Mystery #639 darlings. The preview's up on CBR. Key words are "trash can of doom" and "I'm not your secretary, Loki".   In my day, we didn't have doctors! We have barbers, who'd bleed and leech you... )
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From AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #176, Peter Parker wakes up after a fight with the Punisher and the Hitman resulted in a bullet wound in his arm.

Amazing Spider-Man V1 #176 - Page 5

Peter has healing powers, meaning he rarely has to explain any bruises from his tussles with bad guys. But is it really "I just need a good night's sleep to heal from a bullet wound" level?

Landlady Mrs. Muggins was a somewhat important supporting character from AMAZING #139 (when Peter moved into her Chelsea building) to AMAZING #300 (when Peter and Mary Jane moved out). She often griped how Peter was late with his rent, his odd hours, and the occasional super-villain attack.


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