Jun. 27th, 2012

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Get the towels and lube handy. The muy sexy fanboy preview image to come out issue #2 will leave you and ooie pile of orgasmic goo on your floor.

I swear they must have known Comic Con was coming up and I am attending.

Resistance is sexy. )
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These are the suggestions we had from the last "think of a theme week post"
Some already have some votes, but I want to hear FROM EVERY ONE OF YOU re: which you like the most. The most popular, they shall happen. You may vote for more than one. I'd use a poll, but I can't.

One Perfect Moment week
Love meme
Crowning moment of awesome week
LGBT Awareness week
Bondage week
Oddly Sexual week
Heroic Last Stand week
The Best of the Square Panels week (This'd be a focus on writing during the action, in which the narrator of the action is really putting out the stops to dramatize what's going on in the panels, or adding further context to a poignant scene)
Best panel with an animal in it week
Beyond the Big Two week
Dropped Threads week (What are peoples' favorite stories that never went anywhere? Questions that were never answered? Dangled tidbits that, someday, some aspiring comics writer might remember and finally answer?)
Porn week
Recurring non-supers week
Worst Deaths week
Best scene with a mustache week
Scenes of women kicking ass in appropriate costumes week
Scenes with smoking week
Scenes without words week
Characters eating week
Your favorite character being written badly week
Characters missing a punch, mistiming a jump, or otherwise falling week

Also: kickstarter weeks were met with some positivity - so let's try out Kickstarter Your Month; post your favourite kickstarters on noscans or in a masterpost here every first of the month.
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I posted scene earlier in which a chance meeting had a massive impact on the DCU, but today I'll post a moment from the Marvel Universe that COULD have had a massive impact on the future but didn't.
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