Jul. 9th, 2012

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For the Beyond The Big Two Week, I have a non-americain comic. Its call Les Légendaires-Origines, a mini-serie from the original one call Les Légendaire. 'hope you'll like it. :D

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Everything that happens before this to Grifter kind of sucks. His brother died. His girlfriend abandoned him in a diner. He is getting chased by aliens that want to kill him (and maybe probed him). So here is when he decides to bring the crap to the daemonites. He captures ones, and finding that it worked at Q-Core, then barrels in ready to get some answers.

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For my contribution to Beyond the Big Two Week, I'm posting a history webcomic full of historical license and ridiculous. Founding Boys is a webcomic detailing what the founding of America would be like if all the founding fathers were immature teenagers. It's a high school AU. It's a webcomic updated on a semi-regular basis (it's supposed to be once a week, with great emphasis on supposed to)

And it's my favorite webcomic out there at the moment.

The context for these strips: it's basically the Second Continental Congress. 6 out of 55 strips (or so) behind the cut.

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Hey GUESS what week it is??

logo maker - http://www.sparklee.com

Glitter Graphics - http://www.sparklee.com

Glitter Text Graphics - http://www.sparklee.com

Glitter Words - http://www.sparklee.com

We are aiming to share all the non-Marvel, Non-DC titles (or strips, or..) that we've kept under our hats for whatever reason. International comics, indie comics, more webcomics, more auto-bio comics, comics about history, comics about rrrrromance or barbarians or detectives or cowboys or the living dead or or or or.

If you have something Big Two to share, think - what else could I share first?

Have at it. I am excite.
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With the recent announcement that Japan will be producing a brand new Sailor Moon anime series for summer 2013 (which will be more closely written to the manga), now is a perfect time to whip out all of my Sailor Moon manga, which at the moment only consist of the Infinity and Stars arcs. Thanks for the perfect timing [personal profile] greenmask!! ;)

Since I didn't finish my Usagi/Haruka shippage from the last meme (Cute Romance Week to be exact), I suppose now is a perfect time to do so.

These are not the current Kodansha English translations (I own the original Japanese-language reprints), but these translations do belong to a former friend of mine who translated these from the current Japanese prints. So they are new-ish and more accurate to the original Japanese text than the Mixx version I posted last time.

Reload Image

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Something a little bit different.

I am horrified: on the whole of scans_daily, we appear to have one page of Tank Girl. What is the meaning of this.

Unfortunately I am without TG trades at this time, and can offer only the following;

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Someone post some of the Rufus Dayglo run, will ya?
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And another title, while I'm here; for Beyond the Big Two, Vertigo does count!

I don't know why, it just does.

iZombie. It's good stuff.

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In a similar vein to my previous series of posts about Dredd's clone-family, I thought I'd put together a bit of a history of one of my favourite supporting characters, Galen DeMarco. This is the first of two posts; the second should hopefully be up later in the week.

Roughly 19 pages of scans beneath the cut.

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In part two: Dredd's reaction, what happened to DeMarco after that, and an appearance by another awesome female character of the Dreddverse.
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A classic for Beyond Big Two Week: Herbie Popnecker, also known as The Fat Fury, one of Alan Moore's favorurite characters, and the greatest superhero ever!

In the absurd, bizarre, unpredictable series created by Shane O'Shea and Ogden Whitney, Herbie is a withdrawn boy nicknamed 'little fat nothing' by his father because he doesn't seem to do anything save eat his lollipops. But Herbie gains magical powers from the lollipops - he can walk in air, time travel using a grandfather clock, talk to animals, charm any woman, walk through walls, outrace airplanes, and lift cars. He's basically God, if God fought communists, stopped alien invasions, met historical figures, and foiled the plans of criminal masterminds, like the Black Whack in this issue.

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I grew up on Asterix. It's a French humorous historical comic about what might happen if the Gauls had a magic potion to resist Caesar. It's full of adventure and feasting and hitting, and no one gets killed or wounded like in real history. There are a lot of little parodies of modern life as well; for example, lampooning Paris traffic by having lots of chariots and carts jammed up, everyone complaining about what slow going it is. And the names, of course, are all bits of wordplay (Asterix is a play on asterisk, while the Roman names, which end in -us, are always similar wordplay, as in Brontosaurus, here).

Hopefully this works; it's my first time posting since this new account, and I'm not quite sure how well this image hosting works.

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I can't believe no one's posted anything form this series yet! Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston's series is a send up of tough-guy, macho superheroes, full of sex, violence and profanity, and it's a gloriously twisted and hilarious read. If you long for superhero decadence at its best, why aren't you reading this series?

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Okay so, this is an AMAZING Series... Didn't know WHAT exactly to post. SO i wanted to focus in on one of my favorite Characters, Casey Blevins, But before that, A little Background. the Story focuses on 6 New Students at the prestigious Morning Glory Academy... Casey Blevins, Jun, Jade Ellsworth, Ike, Hunter, and Zoe.

They are all... gifted in some way. Coming from different walks of life. Really ALL the characters are Amazing. but Casey and Jun are my two favorite (Today I will post about Casey, tomorrow, a bit about Jun.)

So, Things at Morning Glory Academy are... a little off...

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My first contribution to "Beyond the Big Two Week" is courtesy of Epic Comics in 1986. Now this is sort of a cheat, since that was a Marvel imprint, but it's notable that it was it's creator-owned imprint. The likes of Jim Starlin's Dreadstar and Christy marx's "Sisterhood of Steel" were part of the Epic line as were Alien Legion and Six from Sirius. Sometimes they used Marvel characters (Most notably in Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz's Elektra: Assassin series and Stan Lee and Moebius' Silver Surfer: Parable.

This is none of those, this is a six issue miniseries (created, written and drawn by one chap, Alan Weiss) featuring a new character, a new approach to technology and more suggestive subtext than anything you can probably imagine... no strike that, this is scans_daily... more suggestive subtext than most non-s_d reders can probably imagine.

Steelgrip Starkey 01 - 18

I really wouldn't recommend that as a tag line...

Welcome to the world of...

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A while ago I posted scans from Milo Manara and Alejandro Jodorowski's Borgia 2; now's time for scans from the first volume:

In part one, one of the most striking events is the death of Pope Innocence VIII, giving Rodrigo Borgia the opportunity to become the new pope, by any foul means necessary.

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Volume three tomorrow.


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