Oct. 24th, 2012

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The first Young Avenger has finally made their debut in the Ultimate Universe. But who could it be?

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 Here's two pages from the latest issue.  Quick recap of this scene, Bruce is fighting a Hulk-assassin inside his own brain.  Hulk is driving their body, and Banner's fighting for their mind.

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On a side note, I need to throw some Transformers: Regeneration One up this week.  It's looking every bit as good as MTMTE and RID.  For a continuation on the original comic line, it's taking the grim-and-gritty approach.
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Avengers #32

A.K.A Brian Bendis is a good boy and puts the toys back in the avenger's playbox for other kids to play with ;)

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A little bit of Trese for halloween? Some horror, some action, some disturbing content.

So it starts off with a power outage in friendly little Livewell Village. So Melchor the repairman is called in.

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