Dec. 1st, 2012

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The mini-series about the sordid suburban life of superheroes is now an ongoing.

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I've started a blog to document my attempt to recreate my once great comic collection but I've limited myself to shopping from the quarter bin. Recently I covered Adventure Comics #459 which features a typical Hal Jordan Green Lantern story.

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I'd say I'm sorry.... but I'm really not.

I mean honestly, why would I be? And with this movie still running, I'm trying to get as many people to watch it as possible. Twice, if I can pull that.

This one's about Pitch again, and the demons that lived long, long ago, when the darkness ruled the earth.

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In the previous issue, we were introduced to the new Red Guardian, Arthur Nagan was an asshole, Chondu got a makeover, and Valkyrie got arrested.

So now it's time for the final chapter of the Nighthawk's Brain saga, The Defenders #36.

Five pages of seventeen, and an ad.

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Your thoughts and comments, especially as this is the end of the post series?

Next time--something that isn't Seventies Marvel.


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