Dec. 14th, 2012

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Issue 2 of Robo's adventures tells two stories, one about fighting giant ants that clearly break the square cube law! and another as Robo reminisces about his past.

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S_D'er [profile] liekomgwtfbbq asked for "some of DC's mystic characters doing what they do" over in the latest requests post, and mentioned Phantom Stranger and Traci 13 specifically. Traci I've got none of except the Blue Beetle appearances, but I have got a Phantom Stranger issue, #25, coming to you from 1969 and the pens of Len Wein and Jim Aparo. This is a standalone issue dealing with voodoo and a serpent cult. If any of those three key words are triggery for you, beware of what's below the cut.

Sometimes, what the Phantom Stranger does is...not very much, beyond issuing the standard Mysterious Asshole Warnings, then standing back and letting his warn-ee's own character lead them to their own mystical fate or not, as the case may be, rather than intervening proactively on their behalf. This is one such case, in which jerkass filmmaker Jim Colter - travels to tropical Costa Roja to film, and mightily disrespect, the cult and its legendary Dance of the Serpent.

It does not go well for him, and after being royally dissed more than once by Colter, PS is ready to leave him to his fate. He ends up with a curse on his head courtesy of the High Serpent Priest -


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One of the most memorable of the many memorable aspects of the Batman Animated Universe was the way it dealt with it's villains.

Yes some were monsters in every sense of the word, but nearly all of them had, at their core, a human nature, a human frailty which had pushed them beyond the pale (often, but not always, a dark reflection of some aspect of Batman's own psyche).

Be it Mr Freeze's genuine love for his wife becoming an obsession to isolate himself from emotion, or Baby Doll being an adult woman forever trapped by genetics in the body of a child, or the Mad Hatter finding himself unable to interact with the woman he loves (or at least desires) because he's cripplingly shy.... That doesn't excuse their actions of course, but it does give them something for a viewer to relate to at some level and that was a powerful thing in the hands of skilled writers (and the comics reflected that too, to their eternal credit).

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I posted about the first volume here. This is the second, that draws more in depth about the context of the country at the time.

(14 pages & 1/3 out of 45 pages)

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Can't get enough of the supporting cast of Scarlet Spider. Today, let's enjoy some of Aracely. With a side-order of Wally and Donald. Shall we?

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It's the holiday season, and as Charles Dickens has taught us, that means it's time for ghost stories!

Back in the Seventies, DC had a bunch of horror anthology titles. "Ghosts" was notable for being almost entirely ghost stories, all supossedly true. Even as a teen, I knew this was utter bull, but it did have some nice chillers. And the name is useful for an anthology title.

So to keep the trademark, there's now a Vertigo one-shot. The pretense of these being true stories is dropped, but they are mostly about ghosts.

Since the new issue limit of four pages wouldn't let me really explain any given story, and besides, much of the fun of ghost stories is discovering the twist yourself, I'm just posting four representative* pages with minimum context.

* The anthology is for mature readers, but not all the stories have NSFW content, and I have not used any NSFW pages.

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I'll have a slightly more spoilery review up on my new blog in a day or two.

Your thoughts and comments?

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In the Last Post I did, Prowl and Starscream figured out they had a mutual 'Wave problem in the form of some powerful Decepticons, and decide they need an answer to that problem.

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