Dec. 16th, 2012

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Skyworld is a Filipino comic in English, about what might have happened if monsters took over the Philippine islands.

The second half is pretty post-apocalyptic, sci-fi fantasy.

The setting is a refugee camp, a walled citadel, where magical creatures and humans hide from the aswang (the monsters), their enemy.

The idea is this: the camp is full of people who are working hard to survive, and to live as well as they can while outside the walls of their citadel, evil creatures crave their flesh.

The character is a girl in love with a Tikbalang, a horse-headed creature with a tall, strong man's body, who protects them from the aswang.

This was something I did as therapy, to relax when I was feeling down and out, and I think it turned out pretty good.

Five pages of my sketchy comic art, don't expect any finesse or mastery here )

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Jean Loring's insanity during Identity Crisis came as a surprise to many; some would even argue it was out of character. What many people don't know is that the seeds were planted all the way back in the Silver Age:

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So there's this comic called "Love and Capes." It's about a Superman-like superhero named Crusader, named Mark Spencer, who falls in love with and eventually marries a bookstore owner named Abby. Recently, Abby became pregnant, and this miniseries covers the events during that period.

Some pregnancies are just weirder than others.

Four Pages from 'What to Expect' #5 )

Your thoughts and comments?


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