Jan. 5th, 2013

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While not all comics are perfect, I personally prefer DC over Marvel. One of the reasons why i like DC more than Marvel is because the civilians are more like able in the DC Universe. Here's an example: In the else world comic "JLA: The Nail", superheroes are feared and hated due to xenophobia towards aliens. And so because Superman wasn't adopted by the Kents, superheroes were treated just like the x-men. Here are some scans which shows why i like about the DC Universe and how heartwarming there are.

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Back in the late 1980's it was a dark-ish time for the old school superhero fan (well, this one at least), a significant number of characters I liked had either been reimagined to unrecognisability, shot dead and the "dark antihero" was on the rise, a school of character I rarely like.

But every now and again, there were glimmers of hope (again, for me at least), a couple of everyman heroes (for a fairly white, straight, male value of "every" I grant you)

Marvel gave me Quasar, which I've posted in the past, and in 1988 DC gave me a new use of an old name, with Roger Stern and Tom Lyle creating a new spin on....


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