Feb. 1st, 2013

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In the Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader trade they also collected some of Gaiman's older Batman stories from back in the day. One of them, about a recuiter for the Suicide Squad evaluating Poison Ivy to see if she'll be a worthwhile addition to the troupe I'll cover later.

But for now, here's a bit from a story involving a group of reporters who come to Gotham to make a documentary about how Batman is actually responsible for the amount of supervillains in the city...
This takes place just after Death in the Family, for those who were interested in when this was set. )
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Just how I'd define them, people are free to disagree as the boundaries can be a bit vague. :)
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Sure, we're using the lowest common denominator if you look at it in some ways. It's "Who's the strongest: Hulk or Batman? Who wins?" I'm OK with the relatively visceral examination of "Does Superman beat Batman in a fair right?" -- Paul Jenkins

Four pages from each issue )
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Friends. It's been a ball, but I must walk the plank. I'm away! As your moderator, I retire.

Two and a half years of modship inside of nine (:0) years on-and-off membership: scans daily has been a dear place to me. Thanks for the memories! And - thank you for the lessons. I'm grateful for every time you held me accountable, asked that I explain myself, showed me I was wrong or ignorant, or helped me to find a greater confidence by being impossible adversaries. You've been a terrible hassle and it's been brilliant; you've showed me how to do less harm and that's a treasure.

But so importantly, thank you for the COMICS. Death Note, Scott Pilgrim, X-Statix, Unwritten, Daken, Bande(s?) dessinée in general, SO MANY MORE. Romance comics, horror comics, Kate Beaton comics! What a beautiful education.

I may be some time, but I'll likely be back. I usually am.

So long~~!


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