Feb. 3rd, 2013

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I don't read that much manga, I must admit, but this series has managed to completely win my heart.

From Eroica With Love is a long-running series by Yasuko Aoike that dates back to the 70s; the first 15 volumes were translated into English by CMX before they folded. Like the name suggests, it's a bit of a cheerful spoof of Bond movies and cold war era spy stories, with wacky capers going on all over the globe. But the real heart of the series is the relationship between its two leads:

Klaus and Dorian

They are: Dorian Red Gloria (right) and Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach (left). Dorian is a flamboyantly gay English Earl who moonlights as the infamous international art thief Eroica. "Iron Klaus" is a bad-tempered, homophobic, either deeply repressed or asexual German NATO Major who's distinctly unhappy about being the love of Dorian's life. Together, they fight crime squabble a lot, interfere with each other's missions, and occasionally team up against their mutual enemies.

43 manga-sized pages below the cut, taken from chapters 2-5 of the manga. (The original stories are each around 70-75 pages.) Warning for homophobic language and threats.

From Eroica With Love )


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