Apr. 7th, 2013

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I've seen some comment on the pages DC released, on Action Comics #19, about an almost-tryst between Clark and Lois a year ago that instead resulted in her meeting Jon Carrol--but what I found MORE interesting was the way Luthor was portrayed. In the recent H'El storyline, we found that Luthor was imprisoned in a facility that was like Hannibal Lector's confinement in SILENCE OF THE LABS on steroids. Now, showing a scene from one year ago, we see Luthor meeting his psychiatrist.

Joker's psychiatrist became Harley Quinn, but Luthor's psychiatrist suffers a somewhat different fate....which is fitting, since Luthor is a totally different sort of character.

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Part 5: Antarctica 2002

Five Pages since this came out this past week.

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The French artist Fred, creator of the greatest comic book series ever, Philémon, passed away last week. I posted his work several times before, and the sad news of his death prompts me to post again in tribute to his vision, humour and extraordinary skill:

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