May. 1st, 2013

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Here are seven pages from last month's TRANSFORMERS - SPOTLIGHT: TRAILCUTTER...

The Lost Light's resident forcefield specialist gets his day in the limelight. This comic is basically an extra adventure of the MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE cast.

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'I've never ever looked at the sales on the books. Never. It's never been an issue. What Ross and Joe achieved on "Glory" was similar to what Brandon has achieved on "Prophet" in that they have crafted an all-new way that people see the character. Their achievement on "Glory" is such a personal reflection of their unique creative styles that I can't just slot a creative team in behind them, and say, "Follow this..." I would have to see a take or a creative vision equal to what they produced in order to continue the book at this point.'

- Rob Liefeld, explaining why the book's ending (
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