Aug. 28th, 2013

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I just had to share this. It's rare to get a gaming webcomic that's haunting and kind of beautiful. In fact, usually it's the opposite, and the gaming comic is based around making fun of what doesn't work in a game. But Zac Gorman has managed to take the best bits of some classic games and find new depth in them. There are the occasional spoofs as well, but I'm going to focus mostly on the more heartfelt stuff.

Hope this was part of your childhood, too. )

Sex #5

Aug. 28th, 2013 07:01 pm
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"There’s an improvisational style of writing comicbooks that I use for more of the surreal, whacked out projects — like GØDLAND or CHARLATAN BALL or even some of my recent WFH gigs — where I just empty out my head onto the page and see what happens And for the most part, I let the characters and whatever shit I’ve got on my mind at the time lead me through the narrative, as opposed to vice versa. It’s a less controlled way of writing stories. For the SEX series, I was curious to apply that same approach to something that wasn’t so over-the-top wacky, something that was a little less cosmic, a little less surreal."

- Joe Casey

Chapter Five: Quivers n' Shakes )
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The new issue of Teen Titans is out today, and it's a kind of breather issue between Big Epic Battle Sequences - the one we've just finished with Trigon & Co., and the upcoming Forever Evil sub-issues (numbered #23.1 and #23.2) featuring Trigon and Deathstroke.

You'll recall that last issue ended a little something like this:

 photo p2_teentitans22_barthands.jpg

(preview image from issue #22)
Titans? Anyone? HELP? )

We have a guest artist in Robson Rocha this issue, whose pencils are serviceable, and inker Wayne Faucher. But I continue to hate the coloring jobs we're getting on this book.
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Jack "King" Kirby would have been 96 on August 28th and all over the internet comic creators are celebrating a man who was one of the architects of comics as we know them in the West.

It would behoove scans_daily to do the same, I think (a little late in my tine zone, but still valid in the US)

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