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One can easily say that the entire G.I. Joe comic revolved around three characters: Zartan, Cobra Commander and Snake Eyes, although you could expand that to include Scarlett, Baroness and Storm Shadow. One of the highlights of the comic for me as a child was the "Cobra Civil War" where ex-Crimson Guardsman turned fake Cobra Commander and his forces square off against Serpentor and his forces, who also have G.I. Joe on their side. As a kid, everyone expected Serpentor to win, but well, things didn't go down that way.

Beneath the cut, one of the most memorable death scenes I've ever seen in a comic, for many reasons.

Tags: Char: Serpentor, Char: Cobra Commander/Fred VII, Char: Zartan, Char: Zarana, Char: General Hawk, Char: Roadblock, Title: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Creator: Larry Hama, Creator: Ron Wagner
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