Aug. 7th, 2014

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"Alec Holland has been given so much power and he doesn’t really know what he’s supposed to be using it for. Imagine someone’s given a machine gun and told they have to fire it – but when, and at whom – that’s up to the person holding that gun. That’s Swamp Thing right now." -- Charles Soule

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I haven't touched on comics in a long time, but I've been following Kaine and Aracely in New Warriors. Fortunately, our faves left in Houston haven't been completely forgotten.

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So after a lengthy hiatus from the series, Stan Sakai came out with some new Usagi Yojimbo this week. So I shall share some scans of the first issue of the miniseries Senso with you.

Senso takes place twenty years after the regular Usagi Yojimbo series. Characters have finally gotten their act together and Lord Noriyuki is in full-out war with Lord Hikiji. Given that Hikiji is the Shadow Lord, the archvillain of the series who has been covertly or overtly behind a great number of the plots in the series, and he personally gave Usagi the scar over his eye in the same battle where he killed Usagi's former lord, Mifune, this is basically the climax of the entire book.

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