Apr. 13th, 2015

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Not related to Bendis's run but most of Frank Miller's run on Daredevil is available on Comixology right now for 99 cents an issue for one day only here. It includes Miller's run up until #184, as well as 'Born Again' and 'Man Without Fear'. Just a heads up.

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God Is Dead partner Mike Costa lends a hand with Jonathan Hickman's other baby...

"Thinking new thoughts is hard." - Mike Costa

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GI Joe #21 is arguably Larry Hama's single most influential comic, it did inspire a Marvel theme month ('Nuff Said), which came some 18 years later, and did showcase a style of purely visual storytelling which was seldom found in main stream American comics at the time.

Here's the interesting thing about this issue. It was conceived out of necessity. As the story goes, back then comic pages were mailed around a few times during the process of comic creation, and at one point an issue of GI Joe goes missing in the mail, with no time to do the whole thing over from scratch, Larry comes up with a plan to cut the letterer out of the mix, and to cut down on art production time saving themselves over a week of production. He will draw breakdowns, and Steve Leialoha will do the finishes, there will be no spoken dialogue.

The story introduced several elements that would later become major facets of the Joe universe: The Silent Castle, the Arashikage tattoo, and the Red Ninja clan.

As a story begins, Cobra Ninja Storm Shadow has captured GI Joe Agent Scarlett and Snake-eyes is on his way to extract her... not that she's going to sit around waiting for rescue.

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