Aug. 10th, 2015

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"You're trying to pin this on us?! Marville failed sales-wise because we couldn't accept your grand vision of world peace? We only wanted superheroes punching each other. Go to hell! Your comic didn't succeed because it started as a lame, unfunny parody of the comic book industry and then it was an inaccurate, moronic tale about God and the universe. It failed because it SUCKED!"- Linkara

Writer: Bill Jemas
Artist: Mark Bright
Inker: Paul Neary
Colorist: Transparency Digital

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Prez #2

Aug. 10th, 2015 12:03 pm
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"I wanted to do a very different comic book than the original Prez. I think that the original Prez was more relevant for the early ’70s–it was about that they thought youth culture was about to take over the world now that 18 year olds could vote, and we’re in very different world now. We’re in a world where youth culture has largely failed, where the government and politics are largely controlled by elites and non-egalitarian forces. So I wanted to do a comic that was about this political reality, and to make that separation as cleanly as possible I wanted to come up with a completely different character in as many ways as possible from the original Prez Rickard. Although, I will say, Prez Rickard does show up as a character in the new Prez: he’s super old, in his 70s, and he’s a failed wunderkind from the past. He did not become president in my world, but he is there. I wanted it to be a very different comic about a very different time in American history."

- Mark Russell

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Saga #30

Aug. 10th, 2015 12:24 pm
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"As for death and dying in storytelling, I hate to lose any character, especially one that Fiona has painstakingly designed, but death is one of the few parts of existence that we're all going to intimately experience sooner or later, so it seems childish not to have it as an important part of any lengthy story, especially one about life during wartime." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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"What's so wonderful about these characters, these great iconic characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, is that there's something essential about all three of them. You can bend them, you can twist them, you can do all kinds of things to them -- come up with different histories, come up with parallel universes -- but there's some inherent appeal about them that no matter what clothes you put on them, no matter where you take them, the heart and soul remains the same." - J.M. DeMatteis

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"A lot of editorial cartoonists I know are very ensconced in the world of daily papers and editorial cartoons and have no idea what’s going on in comics – no idea at all about some of the best graphic novels out there or who Jason Aaron is or anything. Then there’s political cartoons, which don’t seem to of interest to a lot of people who are really into comics and comics culture."

- Matt Bors

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